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Only until an age will your
Cuteness suffice
After this point your inners
Are vice
And thus reflect an ability
To scare and make me want
To flee
Only until an age will your
Hair attract my attention
After which point it will
Only intimidation show
Towards me
For locks is not something
I really want to see
Only until an age will you
Come to my home
After this point I will consider
You grown and thus represent
A treat to me and mine
My life’s blood you will not
Intertwine for your no longer
A child and as adult you just
May be wild and hurt me
Only until an age will you
Be free…..

Where is that beauty of

Imagination that drifts from

Mind to heart

Where is that beauty of

Seeing the world with eyes

And ears apart

Distinguishing those sights

And sounds of where

Nature does start

Where is that beauty of

Imagination that from the

Animals keep us apart

Not seen are eyes of happiness

Nor glowing from within

Heard are only sullen sounds

Of anguish deep within

Bodies crying out with pain

Of memories of guilt and sin

A product of modern living….


Oh how time does run away
With me
Obscured are visions of ways
To be
Seen are stars and moon as bright
Distant wonders glowing deeper
In the night of unending fog
Removed from a vision of darkness
In the day’s light
Devoid of mysteries as shadows
Lined up in the way of purity of
Oh how time does run away
With me

The greyness of the morning
Reflected in the shadows of
The heat
Felt is the heaviness of minds
Before the dawn does start
Seen are the images of yesteryear
As they do fade away
The greyness of the morning
Ushering in yet another day

Tip tap toe

Tip tap toe

Round and round

In circles is how

It would seem to go

Tip tap toe

Tip tap toe

Now you see me

No you don’t

Questions conclusions


You will and

You won’t

Tip tap toe

Tip tap toe


I lost my way in the fogginess

Of the mountains

With mistiness obscuring my


Continued with doubts and

Observations in consideration

Of what next to do

My mind’s eye closed to

Contemplations of notions

Of what was true

I lost my way in the fogginess

Of the mountains

In search of a clearer view


Reflected inspected systematically


Oh what it is to know

The hearts and minds

Of men

Infected rejected but not

Often respected given no

Option to start once again

Protected projected in all

That can be

Seldom is known the concept

Of we

Sought after notions

Disguised in commotions

Unfathomable pictures

Of what used to be

Layers of disguise with

No new surprises expressions

Of only what others do see


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