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Responses to the now….

It is the brain that dictates


The body will assist in all

It can be

To give assistance to the

Brain you see


It is the brain that dictates


It’s interactions and those

Things we like to call response

To the now



To produce those things

That drives men to act

Not requiring motivations

Or sense of payback

To create those things

That in others does move

Every sense the soul

To produce such things

As verse


Expressive natures trapped

In an outer shell

Star dust explosions

Deep within but outside

No one can tell

Expressive natures of

Wholes divided by the


Thus is the notion of

Continual health


Unity conformity predictability

Of time

Certainty controllability dictatory


Sociability productivity profitability

In line


To watch a child asleep

At night as they soundly

Rest their soul

To look to think and

Consider those things

That make us whole

To watch a child asleep

And see the meaning of

Life in every breath that

They take

To live….

My heart grew wings

Just so it could fly

To your side

As it left my body

My soul and mind


If the point of existence

Be to feel

Then I have felt the

Best and worst of

All things and thus

I can reveal

That my heart grew wings

And flew away


Should we forget how

The rain feels like

The tears upon a cheek

Should we forget how

The rainbows own the


Close your eyes and

Think a while of the

Tender moments in

Ones life

Just in case we should

Forget how the sun feels

In the dawn of a new day



Our volatile nature

Man s ability to feel

Is the true sauce of

All that makes us great

And also the sauce of all

That we wish to destroy

Thus to control feelings

Is to control mankind

So what kind of man

Are you….


Just for an instant

As the glass hung in

The air

I close my eye’s and

See clearly something


Just for an instant

That image is clear

To see

Not a word spoken for

No one would hear or

Believe what I would say

It must be my imagination

Or the lights playing

Tricks on my eyes but

Just for an instant I’m

So sure that I did see

Such things should not

Be  spoken of for they

Enforce a destiny but

Just for an instant

I saw him right in front

Of me

If love were a colour

What would it be golden

Like the sunrise reflected

Upon the sea with deep blue

Under tones reflective of


If love were a colour

What would it be green

As the meadows upon rolling

Hills splashed with yellows

Of daffodils mingled with

Stripes of buzzing bee’s

If love were a colour

What would you see


Tell me something that you

Have not already imagined

Thus all social action has been

Restricted by the participants

Long before it took place

But still I will hug you for

Are you not more than your



What is it about the concept
Of frailty that equates to a god
Notion for so many. Uncle George
Sister Mather and the rest reached
An age of acceptance of the way
Things are. An inability to take
Ownership of one’s actions, motives
And inabilities and thus it must
Be god’s doing or destiny because
I was only just there but did nothing…..

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