If you find yourself with twenty minutes to spare watch this guy…. his evaluation of the capitalist system and its development in the east as proposed by China Japan and the like identify where it is that capitalism has developed to. Take into consideration the recent government endorsement of business within the east and its attempts to become engrossed within this as both a government and private business (government in another guise) and you will see the inevitable failure of states to be able to provide for the masses in the future… I found this guys evaluation of capitalism and it’s growth excellent in that it was taken away from the individual ideology as in this or that person or company was greedy and placed firmly where it belonged in that it is capitalism itself that is a self sustaining destructive force that has no other interest than the pursuit of profits regardless of the cost… totally different view of our system of things and something that I have not seen on British tv but that’s really not surprising as he had nothing to sell and was not wearing a monkey suite to be re-elected next year…. by the time we wake up to the destructiveness of our capitalist way of living the have not’s will have no say… time well invested….!