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Hush now…!

Hush now with all this incantering at me

Can you not see you are defining me

Quietness of mind I so do require

Solace consideration of the soul to


Hush now with all this chitting and chat

No real converse only showing me that

You want to be seen for all that you are

Be careful and consider that you reveal

Those scares

Of life and love and where you have been

For is not words spoken once reflected of


Hush now let your mind be at rest

For to take part in some is to be

Like the rest

Hush now


I find this very disturbing. Reporters meeting these guys in derelict buildings reminds me of some of the right wing activist in Europe whom train and organise their groups in such places not wanting to draw attention to themselves and being in a no mans land. This county has not seen this kind of violence on the streets since back in the day when I amongst others used to go and confront the NF on a regular basis upon the streets and markets of mainly south London. But it is of our own making. For far too long we have sat back and allowed a government to undermine the stability of this county by allowing cheap labour to filter into the country and thus putting Britons out of work and a decent standard of living. Am I a racist, far from it but the attractive thing is that they do have a point. Born and bred here I would be one of the first to tell you straight that there aint no black in the union jack but when push comes to shove the ignorance and predictability of the white working class instigated by those whom have the ability and power to do so make no distinction about where I was born or whether or not I am a Muslim for colour is all they can or want to see and I am saddened to say that it will only get worse a hell of a lot worse….




I saw a beauty pass me by

Closed my eyes for it was not

For I

Every sense could feel her soul

Turned around and watched her


Felt her stair as I walked away

Passed her again just yesterday

Pretended not to see or feel

Her gaze

What a lovely glow the kind that

Does amaze

I saw a beauty pass me by

Looked up to the heavens and wondered


So many things were explained to me

And how it is that the soul I do see

I saw a beauty pass me by


Death welcomed me with her open arms

Held me tightly with all her charms

Made me feel safe from life’s turmoil

Treated me right and with love did spoil

Kissed me warmly with her loving embrace

Reassured me of her coldness just in case

Death welcomed me with her open arms

I left behind all my worldly garm’s

And followed her eagerly to her places of abode

Upon her chariot I proudly rode

For she showed me compassion and gave me rest

How I gladly leave behind my life and the rest

Death welcomed me with her open arms

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