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Gone astray….

Walk slowly seeking consolation

For those things we have lost

Along the way

For those left behind and those

Gone astray

Walk slowly seeking consolation

For today and yesterday

Seek closely and consider those

Things left to say

Think deeply for today is not

Just another day

Walk slowly seeking consolation

Everything I do now is

A reflection of then

Always behind even

In thought of a reaction

Is in it’s contemplation

A reflection of the past

Thus i am forever walking

In history behind myself

Seeing all that I have seen

And reacting to all I am

Going to be

Everything I do now is

My own history

The beauty of the morning

Frozen for all to see

The wonders of nature

In all that she can be

The beauty of the morning

Shown unto thee

Look and see what the eye

Can see

Lost is the eternal dawn

Of yesteryear

Forever frozen

The beauty of the morning

Is there greeting me

I hear those echoes

Of the mind

Distant wonders

They do define

Lost inclinations

Of what to do

Forsaken are wonders

Reflected in you

I hear those echoes

Deep within you


Beyond recognition

Not able to give sufficient


Of those things that

Your image does


Lost are notions of

Anything to say


Are all things that you


Seen is that deformity

Deep within you


Is how I view you….

Who are you today

For I do not recognise


Your stance your voice

Those things that you do

All seemed to have disappeared

Replaced by some hollow

Exterior of fears

Who are you today

For I do not feel your


No indication of those

Things that you know

Reactionary is now all

That you show

Who are you today

I really want to know

What happened to that

Friend that only last night

Talked of angles and demons

And doing what’s right

Not seen in your eyes is

That everlasting glow

That one that to others

A direction did show

Who are you

Does not matter I really

Don’t want to know



Don’t you just hate…

Don’t you just hate those

Who always speak their minds

For in such persons it’s not

Always the truth you find

But often distortion or so

It would seem to be

For are they not different

From the likes of thee

Don’t you just hate those

That get their way

It’s not that they are special

Or different in any way

They just do not listen to

A word you say

Don’t you just hate

And you wonder why

I stay away


With eyes slightly glazed

Bloated on reality

And its gluttoness ways

Stuffed past fulfilment

With eyes slightly glazed

Another night is over and

Somewhat now amazed

That it’s not even Friday

That’s how it goes these



I hear a calling

It is haunting to my very soul

Not in need of clarification

For even children this they

Have known

It is our inner connection

To all that life has been

It is an understanding

For all that we have seen

Times have been foretold

Of this long lost destiny

Of what is to become of us

From what we used to be

I hear a calling

And know not which direction

To go

For none can show me the path

For none are no longer whole


That emptiness of a lonely planet

As it floats amongst the stars

The fact it knows of the others

But looks and sees how far

That emptiness of a lonely planet

Covered in human scars

For look what we have done

To this

Once beauty amongst the stars

Humans have raped its wonder

And polluted its very life line

For mere production and the chance

To call its wonders mine

Watch this beauty as its lights slowly

They go out

Soon to be just another dead star

Having lost its eternal fight

That emptiness of a lonely planet

We once used to call ours


That cold empty silence

Of memory

Like rainy days that no one

Wants to see

Lost in seclusions of the inner

Most mind

Seen in reflection but never

Truly defined

That cold empty silence

Of memory

Emptiness where the other

Really should be

Seen in the distance like the

Glowing stars

What use it a future as distant

As is mars

That cold empty silence

Of yesteryear

Realisation of living one’s life

In fear

That cold empty silence

That surely you must hear


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