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Mornings greet by


Broken by the blind


Of the world

Birds they do compete

With the spoken

Word of mans


As he breaks from

His slumber

Pouring out of hidden

Places in such

Masses of number

Like the ants

Crawling out their


Man spills out into the


Sadly causing ill

Not to tend to mothers


And cleanse her ailing


But to dig deeper

Into her soul

And continue to tear apart

All that she is for her

Riches he cannot resist

How tragic a story that

We have turned and devoured

That which gave us



Waiting expectantly

For that moment

The nearer it approaches

The less dramatically

It seems in reality

Expectation seemed

Something else

The excitement gone

Just left now

To carry on

And play out the

Imagined role


Hold my hand

For no other

Reason than

You can

Can you

Hold my hand

For no reason

Other than


I sit here in anticipation

Creating in my mind

Those things I could


Or maybe somehow

Find in another

To be shared with me

Thus in anticipation

I am waiting here

To see



Why are we so fragile

We breakdown at a


We are not really water

Proof although some

Of us can swim

We are not designed

For climbing but it’s

Something we can learn

Very few of us

Are runners

We’ll wait in line

It’s my turn

We hurt when we

Fall over

And none of us can fly

Most of us will

Weep openly when

Are emotions at

A high

I wonder what is our

Purpose in this

Evolutionary chain

When you really think

About it it has to be

Our brain

What shall we do today

Then ;D


Silence is for remembering

Those things that we

Have done

Silence is for listening

To what is yet

To come

Silence is for contemplation

Of those places

We have


Silence is for imagination

Based upon what

We did




My shadow asked

Me a question and

Feeling somewhat

Bemused and confused

I entered into conversation

And this was his lament

Sometimes I’m tall

Sometimes I’m small

And sometimes I not to

Be seen at all


At all times I am with you

No requests have I ever


Despite my constantly

Having provided heavenly

Shade cooling your

Weary feet

I’ve served you as a friend

You know I will be with you

Until the end

So do just one thing

For me

Exchange places for just

One hour

Let me feel the sun

Upon my face

Let me open my arms

As if to embrace

The meaning of true life

Let me experience a


As never before

Let me eat a little

And ask for more

Surely this is not much

To ask for a lifetime

At your feet

Being the fool that I am

I did not see this little scam

And changed places willingly

Now confined beneath myself

I am no longer concerned with

Material wealth

For I am a mere shadow

Of myself




I feel myself slipping

Away from myself

Lost in a reality

That has no consideration

For mentality or health

I feel myself slipping


Into that darkness

That waits for me


Is happy to see

My return

As if an indication of my

Survival from expedition

Into the light above

I feel myself slipping

And know once again

I am lost

In the depths of a darkness

I know only too well


How can one expression

Or look

Close down the soul

Like a book reaching

It’s end

Final page turned

And a refection

Of what was read is


How can it be that

The soul is so easily

Affected by what

It cannot see

That slowness

Of retraction

Of the mind

Creeping in until

Finally you find

Yourself behind

Your shadowed eyes

Which have been infected

By the look of


Making you feel as if you

Will never recover from

The blow

How can it be that

So much can be

Known from a look

Or expression


Restricted in physicality

The mind will find a way

To run and enjoy the sunlight

And roll itself in hay

To explore inner galaxies

For maybe just one day

To test one’s abilities

Playing hitman lets say

Restricted in physicality

Does not stop us from play

For we have built in abilities

To chase such blues away

We lose ourselves in


And move to another plain

At times its hard for reality

To take back its natural


Restricted in physicality

Sorry not today…!


How does my body know

That the winter time is over

For it will not let me sleep

It’s yearning to walk

Amongst the sheep and

Fields of nowhere in


Each year that passes

I notice it more

Like the bear rising

From winter

My mind and body

Are on the prowl for

Something to eat

An eighteen hour day

Is a lifetime

I’m sure this is what

Marx was thinking when

He stated so much could be

Achieved in a utopian


For I have the time to see

The sunrise

And eat a hearty meal

Before I put my mind

To work and with life’s

Challenges deal

Then I have some company

For a movie or a meal

Which still leaves time

To ponder or squeeze

In a game of chess

Before I walk the

Dog once more

And lay my head to


How does my body know



What is….

Art if one has to learn to appreciate it

Music if one has to learn how to listen

Poetry if one has to learn how to read

Is not art the imitation of things

Perceived in the physical so often reflective of nature

Is not music for and off the soul that does not make a sound

Or write a note to be read

Is not poetry an inspiration of emotions transcribed to word to reflect a feeling or an expression heard

What is….


openness shows

I have noticed a

Coldness of late

In my responses

To the physical being

Not wanting to be


Or to appear mean

I had to ask myself

To observe


And lets see what

Will be seen

What a revelation

Such a simple act

Has been

All my friends

Hug me

Ok so there’s only a


All my children hug me

All grandkids too

I hug my mother

My brother his partner too

But what was surprising

Was I keep my distance from


I don’t shake hands on meeting

I give a slight embrace

Unless it’s official

Then I’ll just look you

In your face

Trying to place you

And read beneath your


Trying to see if your body

Reveals lies

I guess I’m quite suspicious

Of motives of the mind

Comes from my background

Hay what a surprise

For even as a child

I sensed more than I

Wanted to

And often got rebuked

For speaking what was true

I see no point in lying

For it would be to me not to you

And thus I hate dishonesty

For even robbers can be

True to themselves

And admit what they are

It is my experience

That bank managers

And politicians

Have never been this far

And thus my observations

Have now come to a


For I am of the opinion

That I have con’s and pro’s

But so love that my

openness shows



I did not mean to

Hurt you

I just needed to hold


For had I let go that

Would have been so


For it would have been

My demise

Selfish maybe it seems

To you

But at the time I was

Trying to be true

To me and all I ever


For I had nowhere else

To be

I did not mean to deceive

But I could see no other

Way to bring about my

Own reprieve

For I had lost my way

And saw your strength

I had to hold on as if

Hell bent on survival

In my desperate time

Of need

Hate me if you must

Take away your trust

And exclude me from

Your life

All I ask for is forgiveness

And thank you for your ability

To deal with such strife


Ok I’m here for a while poking around so might as well try and learn something new or at least enjoy the challenge ;D ……

Jingle introduced me to this site with an invite last week to It has been a positive experience and steep learning curve for me. Such lovely people, poetry, verse and sharing xxXxx.

Thanks to Aleza & Kavita for providing another space and chance to express who and what I am xx


Ok I’m packed and

Ready to go

Looking forward to

The rest

And other people

Getting to know

How will I cope

Getting away

From myself


One way ticket

I should have got

Came for a while

And my past forgot

Such comfort

Surrounds me

Surely this is

The place to be

Island in the sun

A paradise

Feast for the eyes

So why does everyone

Want to leave

Head for other lands

For what do they

Perceive it to be

Concrete views and

Morning rush

Would replace the

Sunlight and natures

Hush of rebirth

What is it in the mind

That says the grass is greener

In that place to find



Shall I go left or


I’m sure I was here

Some time ago

This crossroads does

Look a little


Am I going in circles

Now I’m confused

From which direction

Did I come

I’ll have to leave it

Till morning and

See where the sun


I’ll rest awhile for I’m

Tired of the journey


I’ll brush the dust from

My shoes

Tell tail signs of the

Miles I used to

Pass between places

This is a journey

Without an end

And that does frighten me

For it lacks predictability

Are travellers good people

To befriend…



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