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Reflective of actions

Reactive to perceptions

Reflective of actions

Responsive in considerations

Conditioned to expectations

Controlled by knowledge

Perceived in reflections

And found in me


Caught in a web of confusion

Lost in a scene of delusion

Found in a space of lost dimensions

Released from a life of love and



I look to the distance for all that could be seen

Seen in delusion of places to be

Built on foundations of things now past

Lost found are those things that will last

Love and happiness of things once done

Examined in decline of a body once young


Everything changes and

Nothings the same

No predictability and

No one to blame

The sun still rises

And the moon still


Echo’s respond to

There own unending


Nothing changes and

Everything is the same

Taken from reality yet

Here I still remain

Lost in an illusion

Reflected in a dream

Eyes wide open or

So it would seem

I’m lost and can not

Find a way out of myself





Would you turn to me

In your hour of need

Would you want my

Mind for your soul

To feed

Would you hold my

Hand when feeling


Would you call to


When looking for


Would you turn to me

When things get rough

Would you call my name

And it not be a bluff

Would you bring your

Child to hear wisdom’s


Would send your friends

Knowing they are disturbed

Would you turn to me

When all else has failed

For I call your name and

It seems to no avail





What is it to be man

To know and make that

Difference that only

Intelligence can

To show one’s compassion

In times of need

To put aside that desire

For greed

What is it to be a man

To make sacrifice when

Only you can

Show those things of which

Others do dream

To hold one’s own and

Smother that dream

Of how things are and

Could have been

To look out in wonder

At those things once seen

What is it to be a man

To hold the hands of children

And be the best we can

To share a vision of things to


To laugh cry but also have fun

What is it to be a man



I walk through the

Forest of time

Sheltered from the

Harshness of the

Day and night

Seeking only that

Which can console

My loss of an eternity

Of peace

The tree of life and

Belonging hidden

Amongst the beauty

Of distractions and

The wonders of the


I walk through the

Forest of time

And am lost in my

own overwhelming


Bow to the mercy of the wind

Fear for the destruction that

Nature does bring

Now to consider the damage

Once done

No justification other than

Material fun

Bow to the mercy of the sea

No longer content to be polluted

For free

Felt are emotions so easily see

Displayed is dismay and losses

On screen

Cleansed are those places where

Man has been


I woke with my eyes burning

Was it that I did not want to leave my dreams

Feelings of frustration stirring

Not long laid down

Or so it did seem

Long summer days and nights

Drawn out by possibilities

So much to do so little time

Questions of priority

Invitations declined

Excuses made

Others to evade

And all for the desire to be free

Concepts expressed

In tones that are stressed

Just saying leave me alone

For the fields to walk

And to nature do talk

All for the want of a home

For my body and mind

Do search for in kind

That other direction to go

As another days starts

I harden my heart

And know the directions of me

And thus I now leave

With my future conceived

Where my life’s direction

Plays no part

For I have seen in those dreams

The ultimate schemes

Of those individuals

I don’t even know

Death comes for me often


I close my eyes

In remembrance

Of those things we

Used to do

I close my mind to

Those feelings

That still linger on

For you

I close my heart

To the feelings

Of being alone

I close my eyes

As I’m dreaming

That you are coming





I remember falling

And waiting to hit

The ground

It did not happen

For what reason

One can not be found

I found myself floating

In a world without

A sound

I remember falling

But no longer

Do I look around

I feel myself floating

With no up or down

I remember falling

As I did not make

A sound

I remember waiting

For that impact

With the ground

I remember wondering

Why no bottom could

Be found

And now that I’m floating

No better way have I


I remember falling

Just before myself

That I found



Watched are the seasons

Of time

Drifting past the meadows

Of youthfulness and joy

Flowers in bloom picked

And taken to content the

Heart of those passing

For a season and those

Staying for a while

Watched is the tree

As it does grow to be

Me in all my deepness

Of mind connected in

Root to the earth that

Gave me birth and welcomed

My future shade

Seen are my leaves blown

In the wind stories of all

That they have seen

Insecure in my nature

For I am the only tree left

In this barren field I do


For forests once tall in

Which I was small and

Sheltered from such views

Now stripped and alone

I offer a home to those

That did not move on

The field mouse and

Up on a branch the grouse

Next to which sleeps

The pigeon and the crow

Tucked beneath the

Surface of me all manor

Of things do they crawl

All coming for a view of

Something new as the

Future makes its way

Watched are the seasons

For a time as my field

You just drive on by


It just so happens that just the other day

I was thinking of life in this and thater way

Weighing up options finding words to say

Wondering seeking seeing clarity in the way

Thoughts of considerations explanations

Line up to pay

Homage to ideas of another way

Seen were distractions so obviously


For closer examination does not but

Truly display

That things really could have gone

No other way

It just so happens that just the other day

I said sod it stop playing you could be here

To say

And wonder at the comings and goings

Every day

Observing and recording of those words

They say

Have true meaning and are helpful in every


Nah forget it keep going on your merry way


I lost you in that

Lonely space where

Time stands still and

There is no haste

Gone in the distance

Of just in case

Your world that

You left behind

Seen are the shadows

You left behind

Confused and concerned

With what’s defined

I lost you in that place

I did find myself

Torn apart from the


Seen is the carnage

Of that life that was


Intermingled with

Women and wine

Strange that distant

Place and time I used

To call my own



Drowned in an emotionless desire

Consumed by my own will to aspire

Seen in the distance of an age

Found like the actor to stage

Played was the empowerment

Of games

Chased was that thing that was strange

Lost was the will to perceive

Undone by another’s deceit

Drowned in an emotionless desire



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