I woke with my eyes burning

Was it that I did not want to leave my dreams

Feelings of frustration stirring

Not long laid down

Or so it did seem

Long summer days and nights

Drawn out by possibilities

So much to do so little time

Questions of priority

Invitations declined

Excuses made

Others to evade

And all for the desire to be free

Concepts expressed

In tones that are stressed

Just saying leave me alone

For the fields to walk

And to nature do talk

All for the want of a home

For my body and mind

Do search for in kind

That other direction to go

As another days starts

I harden my heart

And know the directions of me

And thus I now leave

With my future conceived

Where my life’s direction

Plays no part

For I have seen in those dreams

The ultimate schemes

Of those individuals

I don’t even know

Death comes for me often