Watched are the seasons

Of time

Drifting past the meadows

Of youthfulness and joy

Flowers in bloom picked

And taken to content the

Heart of those passing

For a season and those

Staying for a while

Watched is the tree

As it does grow to be

Me in all my deepness

Of mind connected in

Root to the earth that

Gave me birth and welcomed

My future shade

Seen are my leaves blown

In the wind stories of all

That they have seen

Insecure in my nature

For I am the only tree left

In this barren field I do


For forests once tall in

Which I was small and

Sheltered from such views

Now stripped and alone

I offer a home to those

That did not move on

The field mouse and

Up on a branch the grouse

Next to which sleeps

The pigeon and the crow

Tucked beneath the

Surface of me all manor

Of things do they crawl

All coming for a view of

Something new as the

Future makes its way

Watched are the seasons

For a time as my field

You just drive on by