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Making it hard to breath

Breath caught in the chest

Anticipation of things coming

To test

Known somehow deep within

That this is something about to


Signs of a thing yet to come

Not been my experience that

This is fun

A nervousness that consumes

My all

Something coming that could

Make me fall

Or stand a little taller when all

Is done

Lost sensations of being the


Hands now shaking as if diseased

Not able to focus or the mind to


Thoughts of crossroads and being

Put to a test

At such time am I really my best

Breath caught in the chest

Making it hard to breath

Lost are all notions of what

Others may need

I don’t know where

I come from but I do

Know where I have


I have no idea of where

I am going but somehow

I remember those things

That I have seen

I have to define myself

Every day

I wake and ask who will

I want to be today

Shall I be nice

Shall I not

Is there something that

I know is there something

That I have forgot

I don’t know where

I’m going

But I’m glad that I’m

Going somewhere


How do you know when

That moment comes

That one that will always


That time that changes


Like sand seen in the glass

How do you know when

That moment comes

Of which will last the


Escape all life’s harshness

And survive all the tears

How do you know


Shaken and a quiver with

The knowledge of inevitability

You know your demise is near

Attracted to that danger that

Will bring about an end of those

Things that you know and hold


Yet frozen in wonder at the

Knowing and unknowing of

What excites and scares you

Time has chosen you and this


For the end of an era that you

Have known

No longer innocent to the ways

Of the world or the depravities

Of man

You stand on the verge of becoming

Another and for childish things that

You will soon outgrow

Your time has come to cross that

Boundary of which there is no

Recall of what came before

Plunged into the world of darkness

From hence forth to which you

Will call home

Like a sniffing animal attracted

By the scent of youthfulness

Out of place amongst the young

Circling your pray waiting to devour

No one bats an eye at the loss of

Innocence for long has been missing

That willingness to interfere

Like the vulture spying from above

You circle and do not lose sight

Of your intended pray

Tallness at the ready ready to shred

Through young flesh not hardened to

The realities of life and the challenges

Which often lay ahead

Like the darkness of the night you

Slowly creep forever inward infecting

The light with your absence of shadow

Another victim fallen to the forgotten

For none know your name or live to

Tell the tale

Like a sniffing animal attracted

To youthfulness your age and stench

Have drowned out the cries of despair

As another is entwined into your

Lost consuming mind which see no

Wrong in praying on the young weak

Or old for you have survived an milliard

On your depravities

Like a sniffing animal attracted

You are the end of innocence


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