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Who am I

Distant memories

Lost in dream or so

It would seem

Am I awake or dreaming

For all seems familiar

But distant in my mind

Walking in a cloud of


Feeling from a distance

Cushioned within myself

Who am I

Looking in the mirror

I know that face it seems

So familiar but it is really


I pictured myself being

Older looking more mature

I like the sparkles in the eyes

But do not know there meaning

I turn and walk away to examine

I know this place but not from

A reality more like remembered

From a dream

I know where everything is

But the physicality of it feels


To touch a dream and know

You are no longer dreaming

Can this be

Who am I


I force my mind to sleep

To refrain from answers

That others do not seek

Maybe I should close my

Mind and act normally

Pretend that around I

Do not notice what I see

To let others die peacefully

Unaware that there are

Others like me

I force my mind to sleep

Every now and again I

Chance a little peek

Seen out of the corner of

My eye

A mother’s love

A lovers goodbye

Catching glimpse of others


Seeing husbands loving

Their children and wives

I force my mind to sleep

Rather than deal with issues

Of not being unique

For what would the alternative


That you see pain the same

As me

And thus you choose to walk

On by

To see babies starve and their

Parents die

Surely this cannot be so

I force my mind to sleep


I tried to walk alone

And found I was lost

Could not find my way


And ended paying such

A heavy cost

Of sanity and indifference

I tried to walk alone

And found that when I stumbled

That upon the floor I was

Not alone

Others beside me asking

What was the haste

You should stay down here

You know just in case

Wait till the time has


Do you not know its

The only way to last

I tried to walk alone

But others held me

Fingers digging in my


Take your time rest a


There are no individuals

Only changes in style

Painfully I push forward

I tried to walk alone

But those I trod upon

Would moan and groan

Why do you despise us

And walk on us in this


Will you not accept and

Find your place to say

Your hurting us with

Your insistence not to


I tried to walk alone

And found I could not

For every step I took

There was someone

Supporting me

With their demise

With their own destiny

For no man reaches a place

He does not know

We are only able to do

Those things that others

Do show

Nothing is new or of any


All is destined to bring

About our demise

It is the only thing of which

We are sure

That at some distant point

We will be no more

I tried to walk alone

And realised that it was

Humanity that had always

Carried me….. ;s


I close my eyes to that reality

For there is something there

That reminds me of me

Don’t want to see the anguish

Or feel the pain

Each new experience changes


And I so want to be the same

Not of you or another

But that aspect of self that

Only I can discover

I close my eyes to that reality

That says that you are no

Different from me

For that being the case

Why is it that you pass me


With such haste

Do you not feel me and hear

My pain

Do you not know that I am

Lost and hidden in that thing

Called a brain

Scared to come out from cover

For should I be wrong then I would

Surely discover

That I am lost and alone

For such is the reasoning that

Makes solitude my home

I close my eyes to that reality

For the truth be known I would

Rather not see

And walk alone on this empty


For without distraction I know

I can last


Feelings of emotions

From which we try to


Multiple reasons amongst

Which is pride

Do you feel the way that

I do

How can that be the case

When I act so differently

From you

Feelings of emotions

Are they not what undo

Those things we dream


What I would do for you

Seen in your eyes

From a distance

Some form or aspect

Of something in me that

You recognise

Feelings of emotions

That we hide behind lies

And should all else fail

I am sure I will find a disguise

Or justification for my own

Self worth and manipulation

Of those aspect of me that

You and others are able to


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