I tried to walk alone

And found I was lost

Could not find my way


And ended paying such

A heavy cost

Of sanity and indifference

I tried to walk alone

And found that when I stumbled

That upon the floor I was

Not alone

Others beside me asking

What was the haste

You should stay down here

You know just in case

Wait till the time has


Do you not know its

The only way to last

I tried to walk alone

But others held me

Fingers digging in my


Take your time rest a


There are no individuals

Only changes in style

Painfully I push forward

I tried to walk alone

But those I trod upon

Would moan and groan

Why do you despise us

And walk on us in this


Will you not accept and

Find your place to say

Your hurting us with

Your insistence not to


I tried to walk alone

And found I could not

For every step I took

There was someone

Supporting me

With their demise

With their own destiny

For no man reaches a place

He does not know

We are only able to do

Those things that others

Do show

Nothing is new or of any


All is destined to bring

About our demise

It is the only thing of which

We are sure

That at some distant point

We will be no more

I tried to walk alone

And realised that it was

Humanity that had always

Carried me….. ;s