I close my eyes to that reality

For there is something there

That reminds me of me

Don’t want to see the anguish

Or feel the pain

Each new experience changes


And I so want to be the same

Not of you or another

But that aspect of self that

Only I can discover

I close my eyes to that reality

That says that you are no

Different from me

For that being the case

Why is it that you pass me


With such haste

Do you not feel me and hear

My pain

Do you not know that I am

Lost and hidden in that thing

Called a brain

Scared to come out from cover

For should I be wrong then I would

Surely discover

That I am lost and alone

For such is the reasoning that

Makes solitude my home

I close my eyes to that reality

For the truth be known I would

Rather not see

And walk alone on this empty


For without distraction I know

I can last