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To see

I am so in love

That glow of the

Morning and evening


Drives me forward

To seek more than


To be inspired by


To reach new heights

And rediscover

That feeling that

Every inch of me is

Alive and glowing

I am so in love

That I look forward

To all that comes

My way

The rain with its cleansing

Spirit of purity

That coat of winter

That hides the death

Of nature not for me

To see

I am so in love

With life….!


Three miles a day I say

To keep my body active

To take my partner to the


And stop my mind being


Three miles a day in sun

Or rain

Watching nature grow

In pain

She seems to spring up

Over night

Where those fields yellow


I stop to stare at the spiders


Built in just one night

I watch from a distant

For at first it gave me fright

Three miles a day I tell myself

Is the minimum that should be

For I want to keep my soul and

Heart in that notion of being free


My eyes are burning constantly

Lacking in sleep consistency

For my mind will not give

Me reprieve

Am I destined for mental

Obesity in having my

Head explode

Decease and allow me


To roam the paths

Of numbness

To walk along the creeks

Of confusions and still

Be happy none the less


At times like now when I have a lot going on, my mind picks up on every perception. As if to highlight it’s abilities it takes concepts that run away with me. It shows me how little I know for when I seek answers they just seem to grow out of thin air. They have been worked on in the background as if without a care. And my mind does spit them back at me. Impatient yet patient it seems to be waiting for me to catch up with its abilities. Holding on to things until it feels I am ready to deal with them or pass them on. At times like these I realise how little I know and how strong my mind can be….!


Cold winters dawn

Caught by surprise

Was expecting more

Waiting for sunrise

Chilled to the bone

Caught of guard

To warm the bones

Now will be hard

Cold winters dawn

Emphasises my fragility

Making me wish of

Other things to be

The sheep or the lamb

With woolly warm fleece

The bear in the cave

That slumbers in peace

Cold winters dawn

Making me wish for


Summer days and what

Spring has in store

The thawing and planting

Of the new year’s grape


Of if only nature cared

For this body of mine

Cold winters dawn


Afloat in a sea of emotions

Searching for an island of


A paradise to discover

Full of treasures and things

From above

Adrift in an ocean of

Turmoil death beneath

Each and every way

Fighting for mere existence

Trying hard my exposure

To save

Caught in the currents

Of nature

Trying hard to resist

Its call

To drift to the bottom

And settle

See Davies locker

And all

Afloat in a sea of emotions

I understand nothing at all


The bottom line

Is where it stops

No other chance

To state

All is gone and

Been reduced

Including those


The bottom line

Draw where you


For each has to

Make their own

It is that boundary

From which all things

Are grown

No room for conversation

Or space for compromise

It is that thing that

Should you depart

Then surely would

Be your demise

That bottom line

Is yet to find it’s

Way beneath my


For each and every

Time I think it’s there

There’s other things

To compete

For my attention

To keep me occupied

To support my inclination

And keep me looking

To the sky’s


It’s cold out

In the morning


No sign of traffic

Not that I care

The fields are

Empty and covered

In drew glistening

In the moonlight

The dogs of running

Caught sight of a hair

Out of sight now

Without a care

I hear his panting

And heavy breathing

Through nose

Against grass rustles

With little toes

The hairs just playing

His usual game

Lets Simba close

Then does the same

Turns and sprints the

Other way under a fence

Just out of harm’s way

It’s cold out

But such fun to be


Fingers frozen having

For breath to strive

Every inhalation a

Reminder of being

Of finding those things

That are seldom seen

Angles playing in fields

Of green keeping watch

Trying not to be seen

It’s cold out


I walked at the

Bottom of the


It was cold down

There even for me

Tried to leave my

Humanity behind

Looking for direction

Some connection to


I walked at the

Worlds beginning

Saw continents

Shift as if nature

Singing her own

True song of how

Things are and now

That man had come

So far only to see

His futility of mind

I walked at the

Gates of hell

Could not go further

But just as well for

They knew my name

Or so they did tell

Had I been here before

In a dream or were

They mocking me

Trying to stain my clean

I walked at the

Beginning and the


Found and lost both

Foe and friend

None of this made

Distinction in the end

For I can walk no more


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