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It did hide

This is such a thing of beauty

For the eye and mind to see

I have to step back in awe at

What it does to me

For every word and every line

Forces me to remove myself

To where none can find

Me crying for the feelings

It has imparted on me

For I cannot hide what these

Words have done

To open a gate that will not


To clear all rubble and expose

My rose

To the light of ecstasy

For such is the power of words

For me

Connecting with an emotion


Dragging it willingly from where

It did hide

And show it the light of being


Is it me or is this

Not real

There is something about

The way that it feel’s

Not like in a dream

Where all has meaning

Not like when tired

And feel like screaming

But staged

Like our political players

Do what they like

No matter our prayers

Is it me or is this


For such things stated

Are far past believing

But still the sheep follow

Listening to mouths

And minds that are hollow

Of meaning and lacking

In heart

Is it me or is this

Bloody world

Falling apart


Fried dumplings for me

I’m feeling hungry you see

For more than just mere food

My mother’s hug could set

Me free from this depressive


And thus it is that acceptance

I must give for she is a million

Miles away

Basking in the sun

For a reward she has won

For being the best

Mother to see

Fried dumplings for me

A replacement


But a reminder that she


I’ll cook them with love

And give each a hug

Just as mother gave



Thank you for The Perfect Poet Award of week 40

A thank you to Jingle for an introduction to

A hug for Hues..

For the nomination to The perfect Poet Award of week 40 and such kind words

A big sorry to those whom visited and I have yet to visit in return xxX

I would love to nominate Kellie Elmore

There is so much lovely poetry around this of which both it and the poets are inspiring… love and oneness to all xxX


I’m finding no particular

Order to my madness

At the moment

I have a guilt feeling

For not loving those that

Love me

But is that not always

The way of love

That it comes from those

Unexpected places

And does not always

Play by the rules

We have anticipated

What if I have forsaken

True love for my own

Lack of security

Have I discouraged another

By stating that my love

Is not true

Although friendly and

I like you

My love is not mine to give

For my heart has a mind of

Its own

And no matter what I say

To it it will wonder off

And roam in search of what

I do not know

But I am sure it will tell


When it too knows

That it is in love

For does it not beat a little

Faster at the sight of an

Open field

In leaps and bounds it

Tells me it’s happy

When we walk amongst

The hills and valley’s of

Distant places

Telling me it wants to stay

It lets me know

With a slowing pace

The second I turn away

From the sunlight

Or open my eyes

From a dream

I sometimes want to

Scream at it

What is it you want for me

Why will you not settle

For what’s right here

Why go off and wonder

Leaving me in fear

Of this concept of being alone

It answers me not and

I have forgot the times

It’s lead me astray

But should I be honest

Each time it has promised

True love is what it has


I’ve grown an inch

And at times had to pinch

Myself for I too have been

Astounded by its insights

Oh heart of mine where

Will you take me today…..

I am just so going to scream

I not sleeping too well

Or eating

And I cannot be distracted

Everything I try and do is either

Disrupted with thoughts that

Beg to be written or interrupted

By them until I have typed them up

For an hour or two’s reprieve

And then it starts again

Touch typing does not seem to help for

As fast as it is out there are more queuing

For a chance of escape

Out goes the internet cable

And off goes the mobile phone

I am trying to exclude myself

From the world and it’s emotions

For I am trapped in a cycle of being


And am having trouble keeping up

With myself

Why me why now


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