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I’m finding no particular

Order to my madness

At the moment

I have a guilt feeling

For not loving those that

Love me

But is that not always

The way of love

That it comes from those

Unexpected places

And does not always

Play by the rules

We have anticipated

What if I have forsaken

True love for my own

Lack of security

Have I discouraged another

By stating that my love

Is not true

Although friendly and

I like you

My love is not mine to give

For my heart has a mind of

Its own

And no matter what I say

To it it will wonder off

And roam in search of what

I do not know

But I am sure it will tell


When it too knows

That it is in love

For does it not beat a little

Faster at the sight of an

Open field

In leaps and bounds it

Tells me it’s happy

When we walk amongst

The hills and valley’s of

Distant places

Telling me it wants to stay

It lets me know

With a slowing pace

The second I turn away

From the sunlight

Or open my eyes

From a dream

I sometimes want to

Scream at it

What is it you want for me

Why will you not settle

For what’s right here

Why go off and wonder

Leaving me in fear

Of this concept of being alone

It answers me not and

I have forgot the times

It’s lead me astray

But should I be honest

Each time it has promised

True love is what it has


I’ve grown an inch

And at times had to pinch

Myself for I too have been

Astounded by its insights

Oh heart of mine where

Will you take me today…..