I have noticed a

Coldness of late

In my responses

To the physical being

Not wanting to be


Or to appear mean

I had to ask myself

To observe


And lets see what

Will be seen

What a revelation

Such a simple act

Has been

All my friends

Hug me

Ok so there’s only a


All my children hug me

All grandkids too

I hug my mother

My brother his partner too

But what was surprising

Was I keep my distance from


I don’t shake hands on meeting

I give a slight embrace

Unless it’s official

Then I’ll just look you

In your face

Trying to place you

And read beneath your


Trying to see if your body

Reveals lies

I guess I’m quite suspicious

Of motives of the mind

Comes from my background

Hay what a surprise

For even as a child

I sensed more than I

Wanted to

And often got rebuked

For speaking what was true

I see no point in lying

For it would be to me not to you

And thus I hate dishonesty

For even robbers can be

True to themselves

And admit what they are

It is my experience

That bank managers

And politicians

Have never been this far

And thus my observations

Have now come to a


For I am of the opinion

That I have con’s and pro’s

But so love that my

openness shows