Ok I’m here for a while poking around so might as well try and learn something new or at least enjoy the challenge ;D ……

Jingle introduced me to this site with an invite last week to thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com. It has been a positive experience and steep learning curve for me. Such lovely people, poetry, verse and sharing xxXxx.

Thanks to Aleza & Kavita for providing another space and chance to express who and what I am xx http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/p/poetry-potluck-monday_29.html


Ok I’m packed and

Ready to go

Looking forward to

The rest

And other people

Getting to know

How will I cope

Getting away

From myself


One way ticket

I should have got

Came for a while

And my past forgot

Such comfort

Surrounds me

Surely this is

The place to be

Island in the sun

A paradise

Feast for the eyes

So why does everyone

Want to leave

Head for other lands

For what do they

Perceive it to be

Concrete views and

Morning rush

Would replace the

Sunlight and natures

Hush of rebirth

What is it in the mind

That says the grass is greener

In that place to find



Shall I go left or


I’m sure I was here

Some time ago

This crossroads does

Look a little


Am I going in circles

Now I’m confused

From which direction

Did I come

I’ll have to leave it

Till morning and

See where the sun


I’ll rest awhile for I’m

Tired of the journey


I’ll brush the dust from

My shoes

Tell tail signs of the

Miles I used to

Pass between places

This is a journey

Without an end

And that does frighten me

For it lacks predictability

Are travellers good people

To befriend…