How many times have

I closed my eyes to a

Wrong being done

To look the other way

And not be the one

To stand up for justice

And what is deemed to

Be right

To not listen to another’s


How many times have

I chosen not to be concerned

It’s none of my business

It’s not my turn

To intervene or take up

A crusade

To offer my all and put on

Parade all that I am and

Could be

How many times have

I turned off the tv for

Those burning images that

Always upset me I do not

Want to be part of today

Close my eyes and mind

To the words of suffering

That I hear constantly

How many times have

I died a cowards death

In my heart knowing I

Could have made a difference

But chose to regret

Forgive me those of you

Who have already passed

For I have insulted your

Spirits be running fast

Away from the challenges

Of the heart and mind

For my gratification of

Some other kind

That did not see a longevity

Or the death that such

Decisions be to all of

Us this humanity