My shadow asked

Me a question and

Feeling somewhat

Bemused and confused

I entered into conversation

And this was his lament

Sometimes I’m tall

Sometimes I’m small

And sometimes I not to

Be seen at all


At all times I am with you

No requests have I ever


Despite my constantly

Having provided heavenly

Shade cooling your

Weary feet

I’ve served you as a friend

You know I will be with you

Until the end

So do just one thing

For me

Exchange places for just

One hour

Let me feel the sun

Upon my face

Let me open my arms

As if to embrace

The meaning of true life

Let me experience a


As never before

Let me eat a little

And ask for more

Surely this is not much

To ask for a lifetime

At your feet

Being the fool that I am

I did not see this little scam

And changed places willingly

Now confined beneath myself

I am no longer concerned with

Material wealth

For I am a mere shadow

Of myself