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Same end

Singer dealer schemer

All with an aim

In mind

To take and bank

What in this life

So many do


As riches

Stored up in

A safe

For a rainy day

Or maybe just

In case

Singer dealer schemer

All meeting the

Same end

To die a death

Of cowards

And the innocence

Not defend


Stockwell shooting police step up hunt for gunman after target comes forward


Stockwell a place I know


South London being

Equated to hell

Survived an


That allowed me

To fight

No consideration

Was given

To doing things right

A baby of five

Caught in the fight

Shot in the chest

Too young to know


Damaged before

The light of day

Has shown her

How to live on

Nineteen the youth

Being questioned for


Shooting and carrying

Guns in these times

What will we learn

In the weeks to come

Was life ended

For something

That was previously


Will it be crack money

Or dope

That has taken away life

And all of it’s hope

Everywhere I have lived

The story is the same

Life is wasted

With no one to


Stockwell a place I know



London Manchester Birmingham

And Nottingham too

The police are

Killing me

But what do you


Fame cannot save


Nor being rich

Life is a disaster

And the police

Is a bitch

For they come

In are homes

And beat our children

Stop and search

Despite being


Is a normal

Way of life

London Manchester Birmingham

And Nottingham too

I’m dying right

Here in front of


Put it in writing

Is all you say


And decisions

To make it

Blow away

Pay us off

One by one

Blood money

I tell you

As you kill us for fun

Stephen Lawrence

When was history

Begun to make

Our deaths

The news

Nothing has changed

For our children

Are still


By the educated

Resented by those


To think immigration

Is a game

London Manchester Birmingham

And Nottingham too


Can you not hear

The screaming

For it is deafening me

The constant cries

Of humanity

As it comes to an


Can you not see

The pain and


For it maketh

My soul weep

Can you not feel

The pain of

The lost


For I feel their


Every second of the


How can it be

That I am the

Only one

To feel this way

It cannot be

It cannot be

Only me


Oh how man likes

To deceive himself

Removed are visions

Of oneness and health

Replaced by knowledge

And secularisation

Divided into


Oh how man likes

To gloat

In securing

For himself

A house or

Maybe a boat

A car new clothes

To show his


Regardless of facts

Of a sleepless night

Oh how man likes

To boast

Visits and money I get

The most

For I need such

Fulfilment you see

For should I be left


Then what is my


Oh how man likes

To be liked

But also wants

Paying you see


Pay me pay me pay

Me now

Give me rewards

For my worth

Give me riches

And acknowledgement

While I am here

With you on


Pay me pay me pay

Me now

Express to me

Your thanks

For I am here and

Sharing with you

These things

So at least say


In a way that I

Will understand

And be able to


Pay me pay me pay

Me now


An April fool am I

For when I look up

To the sky

I see the beauty

Of god

An April fool am I

For another

Month has come and


But yet still am I

Able to wake

And smile

For the start of

Another day

To look about

And see beauty

And still be able

To say

Give thanks

And praise

To the almighty


For granting me

Another day

An April fool am I


The law is an


Unless of course

You have a class

That gave you


Be that the case

Then manipulation

Is the road you


For you use

The law

And thus

Do not talk

Of rights and


Or love

But what is fact

And can be proven

To be that

So theft

Is guaranteed

Unless of course

Your more educated

Than me

And thus can

Pay the price

For justice

Is not common

Like rice

And is only a recipe

For those

Not educated

And less fortunate

Than thee

And should that be the


Then take from them

With you urgency

For the law is on

You side

Removed of conscience

Or notions of pride

The law is an


And upon its back you

Choose to ride


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