There was a dog barking close to my head. My head hurt as I lifted it slowly. I tried to raise my hand to it but my whole arm was stuck. I began to feel sick as a wave of pain engulfed me. I turned my head to the right to see what the other arm was doing. I moved it slowly up to my chest and gradually began to put weight on it. The dog was whimpering now. I again looked to the right this time in the direction of the dog. Dam it was big.

She was runnning late. She hated being late home. Not that it mattered to her, but she knew he would worry. Strange and funny man is how she described him. They had met a few years previously but had been acquainted for a long time on line. It was by chance that they had actually met up both being in London with hours to kill.

It seemed to take forever to raise the top half of my body only to discover that my left arm was pinned under a ladder that I was laying on. The arm didn’t look right and I was doing my utmost to not look at it closely. I had never been one for accepting limitations so the thourght of something broken or damaged would send me into panic or denial. I began to panick. The last thing I remember is going to sleep the night before the court case. I lay there forever going through the possible courses that the day could run. The odds were stacked up high. Then I fell asleep.

She came out the supermarket and made her way through the car park. That night of their first meeting had been funny. He was nothing like his ego image that he so loved to portray on line. He was infact something totally different. She laughed when he said he would meet her on the south bank and he was bringing his skates as it was too good an opportunity to miss to brush the dust off his wheels. He must have got there earely as he was already skating when she arrived. He wasn’t the only one. Dotted up and down the bank were groups and couples skating along with skateboarders and people just milling about. He looked happy. At the time she thourght it was a strange thourght to have from such a basic observation but as the evening went on it became more persistent.

Right if I slowly move to to left and then roll the same way I should be able to get off the ladder and my dam arm.