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one to suffer so

I saw a fathers hopes buried
With his child I could think of
No consoling words to bring about
A smile of relocation of the wonder
It had been to see them together
Lost now for ever like forgotten
Dreams from another lifetime or
So it would seem
I did not know where to put my
Face for shame is what I felt for
Life being able to see such pain
In another helplessly looking on
In confusion and stupidity at what
Life had taken away from he that
Gave so much in every single way
I can not face him now for I have
No words to say I am sorry and would
Gladly take the place of that one lost
To him for heaven have no grace if it
Allows one to suffer so and distort that
Inner being of life’s dreams in our creations
That only offspring bring to fulfillment
When upon deathbed we are happy to have
Seen their life begin to take meaning
I saw a fathers hopes buried
As my coffin was closing

Did I hold you in my arms last night or was I dreaming
Did we do those things that lovers do as we walked along the river in moonlight planning how to make dreams come true or was I dreaming
Did we count the stars and rename a few as we gazed upwardly holding hands or was I dreaming

To remain unfinished….!

Is there a price to be
Paid for compassion in
Order to set the mind
Free of humiliation of
An inability to set things
Right in the eyes of god
And humanity
Is there a charge of
Indecency in relation
To a complacency about
The degradation all about
We of those souls we call
Our brothers and sisters in
This dream of a reality
Is there a cost for pretending
Not to see and to go about
Our daily lives blindly stumbling
In a darkness of our own making
Allowing others to fall into the
Pits or our illusions
Oh how I would gladly pay the price
No matter what I was charged
For the cost would be worth
Seeing my family free of this
Restriction of having to be less
Than they truly could be for I
Dream dreams of a time of willingness
To conquer this restricted notion
Of self in all it’s captivity thus will
You not pray for me that I may
Pay such a thing willingly and release
You from this trend

If I did not write would I not be your neighbor or friend for would not I too have to pretend to be something other than what I feel and my soul doth reveal to me in both dream and reality would not I too be able to lie to my reflection where ever it me be in my children or those others I do see walking blindly in this waking dream of our constructed reality if I did not write and set my mind and soul free from the prison of physicality would I not be a reflection of you….!

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