What is it that drives some men
To think they are grater than the
Sum total of their knowledge
To be inspired to seek grater
Hight’s than they know
To look for the non existent
And be assured that there is
Something there to find
What is it that pushes at the
Back of the mind driving one
Forward to experience things
Anew in the darkness of destruction
To find new meaning and a beginning
It is difficult not to be the same as
That which we see daily and give in
To the voice of doubt and conformity
And set ones self aside from the living
And walk amongst the dead in search
Of life
Oh to be able to give up ones inclinations
And dreams and fall into the pit of despair
How it must be peaceful to live a life of
Normality and not feel or care for those
About you and rest peacefully in the comfort
Of darkness cloaked in the knowledge of
Ignorance and self worth
Such things to wish for in a life without
Understanding or ability to contemplate
What it is to be alive
I long for sleep in a day without night