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If I told you how

I would be feeling

Tomorrow would you

Ask me how I knew

Would you say that

I was delusional and

From your presence

Must be removed

If I told you what

I would do

Would you say I was lying

And my words untrue

If I told you what would


Tell me what would

You do

I’m in a position where I do not find time constraining. This changes my perspective on many things. To be able to sleep when I am tired, eat when I am hungry and walk in the fields of inspiration when the mood takes me is somewhat blissful and imaginative. In a sense it is freedom from many constraints of life allowing a perspective that is not restricted to a box thus enabling ideas and notions to run their own course or progression of evolutionary progress whether this be to pitter out and die or to develop into something else. The only thing I feel holds me back is a physicality that restricts and dictates who or what I can be. This being the ultimate barrier to understanding I look forward to overcoming it willingly. 

I would be glad to

Be mad in all it’s


For there would

Be no order

To those things

That I see

No restrictions

To those emotions

That do try to

Override me

If I were mad

There would be no

Consequence for which

I cared

No repercussions

For the loosing of friends

No need of love

Or a heart to defend

If I were mad

How easy

It would be to be


I watch the sunrise

And wonder where

It is going and what

It has to show to the

Wold again

No envy is there in my


For its restrictions on

Finding a friend as it

Chases the shadows

Of night away

What is it that the sun

Is looking for

That endless circle of

This little earth in hope

To see

That which is hidden

From thee in the fast

Receding darkness

Which does not want to

Be in your warmth

And glow

As I watch the sunset

I truly know

It has not found

That thing which it

Does seek

To rise again and see all

Of man longingly

Waiting to greet

Thee once again

I watch the sun rise

And weep for it’s pain

I saw your acts

In darkness

For they were

My acts too

I saw your

Inner desires

To lie more

Than be true

I saw you


While you told

Others you were


I saw your acts

Of darkness

For I acted that

Way too

I listen to natures calling

As she brings man to his


Started no more than a

Little puff equivalent to

A sneeze

Now the trees are swaying

And the sea somewhat disturbed

I listen to natures calling

For such sounds that can be


In the distant as a far off rumbling

Heading in our direction

With only destruction to bring

I listen to natures calling

And only want to sing

Of her glory and those

Past and future times

Surely we are suffering

For those forgotten crimes

Of ignorance and pure


For we have stolen from nature

And she is back to punish



I know little of life’s

True mysteries

And often question

Those things that

I see

For none hold true

Meaning to me

But stop as I

Am forced to be

To touch a flower

Which reminds me

Of you

To lay in the grass

And feel your embrace

To touch a tree with

Carless haste

Where man has taken

With no consideration

So blindly

I know nothing but

Beauty and love

In everything I see and


With my minds


I close my eyes to those addictions

That render so many blind

I do not wish to take part

In the killing of the mind

Or restrictions of its


Mankind being deaf blind and dumb

To me and those emotions

That I do so hard try and conceal

Until able to express for real

Exactly what they mean

To me in all my physicality

Thus I close my eyes you see

To all those addictions

Surrounding me

And pulling me into the


For none can I proclaim for truth

That require the best that

You can do

For truth only brings forth

Misery and demise

Hold me tightly

In the darkness

Of day

Let me feel

Your presence

And listen

While I pray

Hold me tightly

Have I been here before

I’m not sure

But there is so much

That reminds me of me

A whispered word

A conversation over heard

Reminds me

How could it possibly be

That surely is not me

But it all feels so familiar

You see

Have I been here before

I’m sure these things

I know just cannot be

By chance

Or a predestined destiny

For I thought I was an


You see

Give me back my sanity

For it has abandoned me

Gone astray and cannot

Be found in any part of


Give me back my sanity

For my mind is now confused

No longer sure of what is right

Or if I’m being abused

For all seems different

In the light of day

I can no longer distinguish

From those things you say

And reality for my night

Has become my day

Give me back my sanity

Do father’s tell

Stories of seeing

Birth and glory

When their children

Were born

Do father’s tell

Tales of distant

Things that make

The heart

Forever warm

Do father’s write

Psalms of happiness

And tranquillity

Should that not

Be the case

Then hurry and


For that kind of

Father I want to




Come speak with me off

Things anew and yet


Of hopes and dreams

As lover do

Finding places, they have

Never been

Show me those illusions

Of the mind only found

In fairytales

And the eyes of an innocent


Come speak with me off

Things anew

As I try to do with


Come speak with me


As much as I change my

Mysterious ways there

Is little I can do

For it seems that life

With me plays

And brings me back

To you

I run I hide and in none


That I leap and dodge

Your glow

But to no avail my

Strife for all recognise

Your love

As it glows within me

All see the touch

Of your hands




All of a sudden

You find religion

After the sinful

Things that you do

All of a sudden

You find religion

After the children’s

Minds that you blow

Away with your

Hypocrisy and lies

For don’t you


It’s time for


 All of a sudden

You find religion

And think you can

Say goodbye

To a lifetime

Of evilness

And your wicked

Desires intent

I’ll have you know

On judgement day

Your destruction

I’ll be hell bent

On procuring

For you had

Your time





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