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That loneliness of sorry

Without consideration of


Or what the future may bring

That heart once broken

Hanging by a string

Above the pits of destiny

That loneliness of sorry

With the joy and happiness



Seeing you reminds me of

How once I was broken and

Not able to repair those parts

Of me shredded into tears

When left alone with the

Shadows of memories as

My only friends

Tears still fill my eyes

When I see you

And I have to beg my soul

Not to cry out loud

For the truth be known

I’m still broken on the


Where I find is the

Best place to hide

From your love

As seeing you reminds me

Of my own weakness

And inability to say


To all that you are

Let it go let it go

For another will

Judge thee



Of those things

That you see

Let it go let it go

Is all I seem to hear

Is there reason or

Justification for

Your constant fear

For should I act the

Way you do

What chance would

There be for thee

For I know vengeance

And have no fear

Of bringing an

End to thee

Let it go let it go

Is all you say

As you walk upon

That crooked way

Of deception and misery

Walk in fear for I am near

To catching up you see

Let it go let it go


Just one lost

What is the cost

When there has been

So many more

Just one lost

Should we forget

And now close

The door



Of one more lost

Not you or me

Just one lost

Is this how things

Should be

Another soul

Was taken

Not yours or mine

Should we take

The resources or waste

Anymore time


Just one lost

Thank god it was

Not me

Is it so strange to express

Ones feelings

To give written word to

What’s reeling in

Our inner most minds

I find such things as

Concealing really

Rather disturbed in all

Its secrecy

As if you are afraid

Of me

And those aspects I do


As if it was your

Soul I do steal

Only acceptable

In a song

All other forms

Are frowned upon

And we are told

Are mentally wrong

For they expose man

To be all that he wants

Hidden for none

To see

For I express myself

For all I can be

In this uncertainty of


Is it so strange to express

Ones feelings

Knowing they only reveal

Our history

If I told you of my inspiration

Would you say I was mad

If I showed you the light

Would you be glad

For such insights

Have only one way

To be

Change you see

Is our destiny

For knowledge is

The start of an ability

For consideration

Of what could just

Possibly be

If I told you of my inspiration

Would you follow me

To the gates of hell

And the doors of

Mans mind

For search of inclination

And the truth

To define

If I told you the truth

Would you believe me

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