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Those inner abilities

You kiss me when

Your leaving

As you feet are

Out the door

Trying to leave

That expectation

That I want you

Back for more

You kiss me when

Your deceiving

Those inner abilities

Of knowing the soul

Is grieving for those

Things imaginary


What is loves true meaning

Without the guidance

Of the hearts hands

To hold on to it tightly

In that space known as


For is that not the place

Where lovers embrace

And take away the screams

Of a reality that with its


Never wants to be seen

What is loves true meaning

Without that embrace of mother

And child

To see such things and not recognise

The warmth and bond upon

Which time resides

For even demons are born

Despite the mothers they

Scorn and it bitterness

Upon which it thus


What is loves true meaning






What is it though

That frightens you


When you look

Into my eyes

Is the fact that

Reflected back

You see a lifetime

Of lies

What is it though

That frightens you


When in physicality

We do meet

Retracted inward

Is your soul

As if trying

To be discreet

For I have known

You by your


And your words

I do still


I truly know

What frightens

You when

It is my name

They speak



To kill a beast of


While it sleeps

Under the stars

To take it’s soul

And being

As if it was ours

To kill a beast of


And take it from

This earth

Without reason

Or consequence

For nothing done


To kill a beast of


For it’s natural

Given gifts

Just for our own

Gluttony and that

Miss-notion of pure


Tigers balls

And rhino horns

Eagles eggs

And leopard legs

Monkeys hands

The list expands

And all but

Man is dead

To kill a beast of


Is what we do

The best





With child solders

Of war

If there were a devil

He could not want

Any more

Than man has done

For we have

Killed all manner of

Beasts and it has

Mainly been



In wartime

And in peace

To hug a stranger is to
Lets step back awhile
Move away from
The door of goodbyes
Retrace the times
Step back to see
What was the perception
To be given of
Who I may be
Those enquiring eyes
That briefly smiled
Held for a moment
A thousand miles of
Played out images
Were thoughts thought of
A past and present destiny
A hug from a stranger
What can this be
Other than acceptance of
What we see
Another soul showing
Recognition just like

Time that stealer from me

Did take my past

And restrict it you see

For distance had made it

A thing of the past

No longer now or able

To last

Stolen were my

Youthful smiles

Hidden away with a thousand


Between each one

Long gone now is my



Once more by time

I fear

There are burdens

That we carry

For as long as

We live

There are things

That have been

Done which are

Not my choice

To forgive

But because of

Grace in mind

There is forgiveness

I try to find

For what you have




There are burdens

That I carry for

That which you

Have done

I could have forgiven

Easily had it not

Been my


I place a lid


Containing all that


But when I see

Your eyes at night

I am seized

With more than


There are burdens

That I carry

Until my dying day

I hope and pray

Ardently that from


You’ll stay away

For forgiveness

Is not for the asking

But vengeance

Is here



There are burdens

That I’ll carry

Until my dyeing



The world doth hurt me

With all of its lies

Most of those that look

In your eyes

Do so to try and steal

Your soul

That essence of being

Without which none are whole


Able to redeem that dream

Know as purity

And knowing the truth

Is no longer a surety

For the world doth hate


Now enough to pursue

And seek the death of me

As my pain is so easy to


Why the world doth hurt

Me so

I cannot help the feeling that I have that things are as they are meant to be. No grumbles merely acceptance that this is actually where I need to be right here and now. There are times and points in life where things could have should have gone another way, but this is not one of those. This is not a crossroads this is not a life directional choice this is a fact of things could have been no other way. The concept of purpose of those sayings that all things previous have lead to this point which is in fact always the case. But in this case I could be nowhere else nor would I want to be for this is me in the here and now and things feel right despite the hardships and setbacks this is but an indication to the correctness of both my path and destination.


My current train of thought is this. That we spend far too much time looking behind us as if we did not know the path of destruction that has brought us here. And in doing so we forget our own abilities to do things and create for ourselves a future that is based upon imagination consideration and contemplation of those things that we are capable of doing and achieving. In this respect we stagnate and wallow in self pity thinking about how things could have been. What if, if only, had I not. Such things are negativity and circular in their nature and lead us nowhere slowly. Instead I would suggest that we smile and think have we not come so far, what an achievement it has been in the making, look at the possibilities that are open to us now. To me this is the required change of thinking and ideology that is required to carry us further forward to that place where we are meant to be.



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