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Night once more has come

To claim me for its own

Filled with perceptions

Of another a distant

Place called home

Gone are the illusions

Of the day

Lost are the rays of light

That somehow guide my

Way past pits of downfall

And hidden destinies

Once again night has

Come to claim me as

It’s friend


Come hold me in the darkness

For it has no eye to see

Nor recognition of memory

Or where the mind do be

Come hold me in the darkness

And release to me your charms

For daylight brings its own

Concerns but for a while

Let’s do no harm

Come hold me in the darkness

As I hold you to my heart


Come tell me those dark

Secrets of your mind

Do share with me those

Things you do confine

To the corners

Hidden in shadowy


Behind a really don’t care

Attitude which disguises    

A need to be punished

For those things you

View as wrong

Come show me your dark

Moments when your mind

And body are weak

And from which

Physical gratification

You do seek

In the guise of loving

Arms chocking out

Your fears

Come show me your

Ocean made of many tears

What price is paid

For innocence

For it seems to

Be a sought

After prize

When young

Girls seem to be

Caught in the gaze

Of older men not wise

To the consideration

That she is somebody’s child

What price is paid

By mothers as

Their tears they

Try to hide

Do fathers

Sit and ponder

In thoughts of what

To do

While older men

Confuse a child in words

Of love being true

What price is paid

For innocence

And tell me what

Would you do




Let us play with words

And hide their meaning

For alter ego’s may be

More appealing than

What the eye doth


Let us play with words

And recreate those moments

That do try and escape from

The imaginations eye

Many have lost the desire
For change that only
Hope can bring
And have retreated
Into the broken shell
Of self we call skin
Not allowing their
Bird to sing of morning
Glory or the power
Of summer or spring
Many have lost the desire
To start the change within
Loosing themselves blindly
Following a mindless
Sin of acceptance for what
This life can bring

Humanity the lost and confused
Child of the galaxy
Blindly going about its material
Ways as if there were
No price to pay for
Such short-sighted

I offered to kiss your


And you saw it as a

Sign of weakness

Now I must tear it apart

And hope that in it’s

Rebuilding you will

Find humility

And consideration

But I will love you


Although be it from

A distance

I will guide you blindly

As your future you do



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