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To show what they are

White pickett fence around

A garden framing immaculately

The grass and rows of flowers

Lined just for you to see

Their beauty while they blossom

Away in the suns reflections

Of that persona with which

They are truly one in all

Their glory for lovingly

Tendered they are watered

Morning and night encouraged

To show what they are

White pickett fence around

A garden keeping nature

At bay

Should my soul be damned for

Past deeds committed when I

Walked with the closed eyes

Of innocence as a child while

Manipulated in style and being

By those that showed love not

For me but for my abilities

To overcome fear in ignorance

Of a soul that could be lost

Or taken in return for deeds

Committed without concern

Or consideration

Should my soul be damned

What of my inspiration and

Aspirations to make amends

And redeem my all more

So am I able to equate in

Light that darkness that which

I have created and knows

And loves me so well as to

Call me by name

You should have kissed me

The first time we met now

Constantly your eyes with

Regret meet mine on those

Occasions when life passes

Us by

You should have taken my hand

And opened your heart made

Promises of how we would never

Part for I saw it in every

Aspect of you

You should have held me close

With such embrace to chase

Away the tears of doubt

And shut away your minds

Confusion of feeling my


You should have loved me

Like I loved you instead

We wonder what to do with

This growing intensity

Between me and you

I feel a calmness as

I withdraw from the

World and its fast paced

Words of no meaning

In which children die to

Enhance the physical

Conditions of men whom

Have no heart and within

Who spirits of darkness

Reside eternally feeding

Upon the demise of innocence

I feel a calmness in the

Recognition of my limits and

Choose not to be involved

In that empty space which

Resides between silence and

The day my heart does pound

Echoing loudly as if my

Soul to drown out its

Anguish at the coming morn

Questions leap and bound as

If for this they were born

To torment my mind with

Anxiety and distress my

Very soul

In that empty space which

Resides between silence

And today

Come save me from this

Pain I feel allow my

Inner most soul to reveal

Come save me from

Myself and heal that part

That most can not see

Come save me


When you look in my eyes I

See your fear prodding poking

Attempting to clear a path for

Your strike of deception when

You feel your game draws

Near it’s conclusions

Like the attraction of moths to

A flame that danger has to

Be enticed near to see its

Weakness to take advantage

Of that split second that could

Bring the tidal wave of ultimate


And still I draw near

I weep for release from

Being me should I not do

So there would be only

Darkness of a void while

With humanity I should surely

Toy to boundaries of pain

I weep with the weight of

An open mind hopefully to

Be defined before again the

Darkness do blind me to its

Very being

I weep

Who else but you hears

Those voices at night the

Ones that give shivers

And fright that reach from

Your dreams and into the

Heart eyes open mouth wide

Not knowing where to start

Gone in a second that inner most

Scream returned united

Once again hidden by dream

How else would we cope with

Reality seen removed of all

Its glory

Who else but you hears

If you knew your journey

What difference would it make

Would you change direction

For your own sake leaving

Another to tremble and quake

Now that you are no longer

There would you try to appease

Those things to be done let

Loose inebriations or stop them

In fun would you heal the

Wounds you would create

What would you do what

Would you forsake

If you knew your journey

What would you be without

Your dreams for reality to define

Would you walk on emptiness

Or just simply lose your mind

What would you be without

Your surety of day were

Night not to end what is it

That you would say could

You deal with such uncertainty

Were it to come your way

What would you be

Have you questioned that

Thing that is real if so

Prove it should I cut you

Does your blood reveal

That you feel pain and hurt

When you wake are you sure

Your not dreaming merely

By the things being the same

Or is that recollection merely

A sadistic game of the mind

Confusing your body to move

In endless sleep like the

Groves in a record unable

To skip a beat of a different


Have you questioned that

Thing that is real

What is the countenance of man

That it would have him strive

For such greater height as

Reaching the starts only to be

Equalled in his destruction of his

Fellow being and conflict with nature

What is the countenance of man

I have given all I have to give

But it would seem that this

Is not enough for like a

Rose without a root

My petals do fall and start

To decay and while supporting

The cycle of life I look

At you and have nothing to

Say for now my true beauty

Is done and like this verse

My course has come to an end

Your vileness comes from within

Just like a viper you produce

Your own venom

You do not choose your


Merely striking about

To those within

Your range

Your rage is not controllable

And you endanger

All in your presence

Such is the danger of you

And your misunderstood love

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