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Travel light in the wind

For there be no telling of
The direction it may blow

Sit lightly upon the edge
Until you know which direction
To go

in search of those dreams
That join your life to imagination

Love deeply until it’s your
Turn to go for our hour could
Be passing

no longer able to

the intention of dancing
In the rain with a friend laughing like there is no tomorrow

upon which we can

for life is full of sorrow
And the chances to make amend

For those things in hindsight
we Regret or sometimes pretend


Not happen

Travel light in the wind

I felt your kiss
Upon my cheek
As quietly I lay
There in sleep dreaming
You were near

I felt your hand
Holding mine as
Slowly that hill
I did climb to find
My lonely way

You held me in
Those times I did
Fall and covered
Me ears to those
Names they did call
As I walked beneath
Their windows

Jah love reveal I

I see you and
It saddens me
Known are things
You used to be
But all that remains
Is that rotting shell
Once a person now
Bound for hell
I see you and
Turn away for my
Tears are forever


Anything you want


Hold me
Leave me
Go away

Hang on
Forever be by my side

I know
I didn’t mean it


You confuse me
Send me spinning
Up and down time
Seems to stand still
For you but rushes
Me around until I am
Dizzy and confused not
Knowing what is right all
This and more you do to
Me but only for one night
Did you rest my head upon
Your shoulder only for a few
Hours did you let me see your
Smile I thought I knew you
But now I know nothing at all
You confuse me I’ll examine this
Emotion for just a little while
For it is new to me and makes
Me feel like a child once more in the
Unpredictability of life’s loves and desires but you confuse me

I met with mother nature
On my walk this morning
And gave my old friend a
Hug for she did look frail
And weak in need of a little
Beneath my arms she felt
Cold and a little boney
We rested for a while and
Soaked in the warmth of
The sun in an open field until
We fell asleep
I awoke to find her parting
Gifts keeping me warm was
A quilt of spiders webs keeping
Of the due of early evening and
For my pillow a bed of lilies
As White as winters snow and
Just as soft
I turned and looked upwards
To see the twinkle of evening
Stars as I heard her parting
Words in my heart I’m sorry
For those things I must now do
For man has become a parasite
Invading everything I do stolen
Are my treasures that were hidden away from you in the
Deepest and darkest places have
You been to steal my gems
You have scared the earth with
Your tracks only to come back
Again for those things you did
Miss a thousand miles below
Taken are my rivers of oil which
Beneath the surface did flow
Drained are those gases which
Were here since the beginning of
Time rubies emeralds gold and all
That was mine hidden below the
Waters edge hopefully not to find
But man has been to my driest
Deserts and to my deepest jungles searching that thing to
Find has been to my ocean floors
And mountain tops always taking
What’s mine I’m sorry but man
Has run out of time for now I must
Shake him of like the flea that has become a rash I must wash Away those roads upon which he does dash this and thata way I must wipe him from the fields
And allow them to start again remove him from the oceans and hope they start again to produce life after they were poisoned with mans desire and greed Im sorry echoed in my heart as I headed home knowing our time had come to an end I smiled thinking maybe just one more time I might get to see my friend mother nature before my Time does end

Is this too late for justice…. Who’s to blame for the delay… Shoot those in government followed closely by barristers and judges along with the police someone knew from back in the day…. There is no accountability for killing our children taking away their life chance by exclusion or filling the institutions with them… Is this not war…!!!

I thought you might find this interesting:

Puppets and puppets

Puppets and puppets
Now where’s that puppeteer
For I have a shape blade
So bring your strings near
So I may cut your guidelines
Clear and watch your puppets
Fall oh puppeteer

Swine and pearls

Swine and pearls
Matched in there
Confusion being only
A part of the illusion
That they do play out
In public places leaving
Trails of the manipulated
Who chose to take part
In this game
Swine and pearls or
Lords and lady’s by
Another name

Watched with closed eyes
Are comings and goings of
Felt are the intrusions as
Thieves running out of space
In which to create confusions
Of the mind for the eyes are
Closed and can not see the
Comings and goings of time

Can we tell from a glance
That happiness is amiss in
The eyes of a mother as in
Her baby’s eyes she gazes

Can we tell from a word of
A lover the doubt starting to
Creep in behind those actions
Of concern

Can we tell of a kiss from
A lovers part that things are
No longer the same

Can we hear in the tone
Of a stranger that things
Are not going so well

Can we…..

Peaceful in my rest
As I listen to the world
Go by
Closed are my eyes to the
Distraction of those rushing
By in the distances of time
Peaceful in my rest am I

I sometimes find it hard to look past the behaviour to the one I love behind it…….!

Observing from a distance
I see how many of us are
Closer examination only
Reveals the individualisation
Of the cracks for it is how
We are broken which seems
To define us ;s


Come share with me those

Things that you speak off

Times of changing and times

Of love

Come share with me those

Dreams that you do have

No longer alone

For which you are glad

Come share with me


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