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Prevented from being

Closed are all levels

Of communication and

How silent the world

Does seem without what

Amounted to my frustration

Trying to keep up with

All I see for are not

Such things torment to

The soul torn apart

Prevented from being

Whole for surely one

Would lose ones mind

In such hopeless simplicity

To continually endure

Such pain everywhere to

See even within the dreams

Of life those things affected

My all my being for

As little as I am felt

Was all the anguish as

If a rope did hang my very

Essence for the vultures

Of misery to eat away

My flesh and leave my eyes

To see my rotting corpse

Hung upon the tree of

Humanities dying knowledge

Of reciprocality
oh down

To the worms goes what

Ever is left of me

I climbed to the mountain

Top in search of those things

To define true meaning in

Life I climbed low walls to

Find fields of lilies

Awaiting me I rested a

While and watched the birds

And bees come to feast on

The beauty of it all

As I walked in the forest of

Time and smelt the history of

It all

Standing mighty and tall

Giving shelter to the largest

And the smallest of things

I rested in the shade of

Such beauty

And listened to the stories

That they did bring

The river told of flowing


And land told of stability

And the mountain tops

Sung of clouds passing by

Heading towards their journeys


Put in to words that

Tingle that sets the

Body on fire that

Which makes the heart

Beat faster and represents

Desire of the mind

And imaginary physicality

Put in to words that

Feeling that you

Bring out in me

Words taken from a

Moment expression

Trying to bring to this

Collection of influences

That my sense do try to

Bring to this reality as

I perceive it to be me

Words taken from a

Moment released from

The confines of time

If love be a reciprocal

Thing how come so oft

That misery it brings

For I know not many

To find to whom true

Love is really so kind

As to grant longevity

For with the passing of

Life so may are free

To live on loves lasting

Memory for it was something

Lost and found you see

Which leaves so many

Alone to inwardly die

And outwardly groan

At how love used to be

If love be a reciprocal


To listen to the sound

Of a beating heart that

Thing that distinguishes death

Apart from the living

Seen to be more than its

Whole stories of which

Have always been told of

Its possibilities for magical

Things for another and

Sometimes to find the one

Uniquely inspired to make

It glow

To listen to the sound

Of a summer breeze

Found in fields and amongst

The trees as to nature

It does whisper its rhyme

Of love and companionship

Of a kiss just as it leaves

A lip to share the love

That it sees and thus the

Grass forever grows

To listen and know we are

Not alone upon this earth

We call our home to be

Free in a heartbeat

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