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Can we live in a moment extended

Breaking the rules of time slowing

It down to almost cessation where

Time has no meaning to enjoy or

Not the now and make it seem to

Last forever

The extremes of emotion without

Concern or regard for other things

Seems able to bring about such moments

And from restraints do bring us to

A point of meaning within which

We are able to discern all things

In that moment without end

I saw the beauty within you as I glanced

Out the corner of my eye hidden beneath

That weary smile and the slight accusation

Why why had I released you from captivity

Of an unending lie I saw the beauty within

You and held you not questioning why

That cycle of life and

Death of which I am part

Has no beginning or end

It has no consideration for

Who is family or friend

But merely a continuance

Upon which we do depend

That there will be a tomorrow

Although we do pretend that

There be other options but

The truth is we can not send

Back the hands of time

For we are destined for our

Own end to come about

And make for others

To send their true meaning

Through time and space

Revealing who they may be

Paths distance longevity

Look at the future tell me

What you see new souls

Old souls souls wanting to be

Time separates them from me

Remove from the equations what

Can not be

All that remains is you and me

Caught in illusions

Of what we do not see

Yet restricted is how we choose

To flee from the past

That does not exist

Into a now built on conflict

Seeing a then repeated again

Time has us captive both

You and I my friend

What comes to us in dreams to

Enhance reality of those things

That we have seen in the twinkle

Of an eye enhanced and built

Upon in a dream wonderland

Revamped expanded with

Enlightenment to laugh or make

Us cry

Such wonders do we find deep

Within the corners of our being

Hidden obscured from all until

We dream that dream of lovers

And make belief

That dream of reality

Is balance merely

The resolving of

Conflicting inner

Needs for justification

Of our outwardly


When loves true pain

Deserts and takes the

Minds soul and heart

All reason and meaning

Departs for the world

Why doth suicide call

My name and wait

Upon me to join it

On its journey to

Deaths known lands

From which there is

No return only a

Chorus of shame and

Resentment for those

Left burnt and scorned

Behind in the land of

Living love and


Where are my sisters

And brothers who seem

To have lost their colour

And given it up for


I look upon their children

As those walking amongst

Pilgrims as if inheriting

This world for free

Where are my sisters

And brothers so many

Of whom are lovers but

Somehow have lost that

Notion of family that

Thing that used to divide

Who now have been swallowed

With pride along the

Road of destiny

Where are my sisters

And brothers whom no

Longer do I see

Should we miss the

Signs of destiny where

Is it that we would go

Would we live a life

Without guidance and

Have no spirituality

To show

Should we miss the

Signs of destiny

If ideas be our

Inspiration in

What are we

Directed to be

For mans true

Inclination is only

In what he can


Is humanity

All that

I am


To being

A shell of

A man

Confined in


Oh woe be to

Unworthy souls

For this is hell

To me

What is honesty or


If not merely a


Of mine or your


Of how we view


Seen through the eyes

Of another another

Life for the mind to

Discover a different

Image of me a new

Perspective on how to be

Seen through the eyes

Of another

        What is blood if not

The giver of life

And all its history

That one thing man has

In common with his

Destiny that should

He be fortunate to have

And behold offspring

That in their veins and

Sinews all generations

Will sing

What is blood if not

The giver of life

And all its history


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