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Have we not shared this moment before

I know of it so well time seems to have

Stopped for us don’t tell me you can not

Tell that feeling of mutuality of things

Being the same for you and me

Have we not shared this moment

Before it began knowing of its end

And yet knowing this moment

We still continue to be friends

Aware of the destructibility that will

Bring this to an end

Have we not shared this moment

Before for it began with our end

Distant echo’s whisper

Silently to the corners

Of my mind I find my eyes

Transfixed to the touching

Of the trees as they sway

The dance of life and bring

Me to my knees of ignorance

And forgiving for have I not

Withheld my song lost in the

Caves of fear and stupidity

How long has this gone on

I find myself alone in the

Fields feeling my body grow

Strong with the energy of

Life that thing I have known

For so long but has eluded

Me in my blindness to see

All that lay before me

Hidden with the eyes of the world


Chased around the forest of

Despair lost in shadows of

Trees that do care for their

Own nurture in these times

Of dying earth

Seen are sun’s rays no longer

A joy splitting the darkness

In search of not joy but the

Beginning of an end

Moss covered floors cushioned

With the death of leaves broken

Off branches longingly grieve of

A time when they were whole

Deaths dawn has reached the

Forest floor and we mourn no more

I dreamed a dream I’m sure

It was a dream in which I

Grew old things from the past

Came back to give me new

Meaning and share with me

Anew things still yet to come

I grew old and comfortable

In this dream but was not the

Only one familiar faces with

Distant traces of those I had

Known before

I dreamed a dream and shed

Bitter tears when back I had

To come to a reality devoid of

Meaning life without a dream

Leaves me screaming oh night

Do hurry and come this way


Shall we walk the paths of

Yesterday and cling to that

Security that for sure will

Bring a tomorrow safely to

Our sides

Shall we sleep the sleep of the

Unconscious daring not to dream

Less we release that inner demon

That would only have us scream

Release me release me

Shall we walk among the blind

And pretend not to see so as not

To disturb the peace and tranquillity

Of the dead and dying while we wait

Our turn in line for

Don’t push now our turn will come

For in time we shall all see

Deaths grin

I try to quench my thirst

And end up upon the shores

Of drowning bloated beyond

Recognition as if submerged

In the oceans of gluttony for

An eternity and a day disfigured

To the point of disgust I

Fear even my own shadow tell

Me how could it have come

Thus far in an attempt to

Merely quench my thirst

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