I met with mother nature
On my walk this morning
And gave my old friend a
Hug for she did look frail
And weak in need of a little
Beneath my arms she felt
Cold and a little boney
We rested for a while and
Soaked in the warmth of
The sun in an open field until
We fell asleep
I awoke to find her parting
Gifts keeping me warm was
A quilt of spiders webs keeping
Of the due of early evening and
For my pillow a bed of lilies
As White as winters snow and
Just as soft
I turned and looked upwards
To see the twinkle of evening
Stars as I heard her parting
Words in my heart I’m sorry
For those things I must now do
For man has become a parasite
Invading everything I do stolen
Are my treasures that were hidden away from you in the
Deepest and darkest places have
You been to steal my gems
You have scared the earth with
Your tracks only to come back
Again for those things you did
Miss a thousand miles below
Taken are my rivers of oil which
Beneath the surface did flow
Drained are those gases which
Were here since the beginning of
Time rubies emeralds gold and all
That was mine hidden below the
Waters edge hopefully not to find
But man has been to my driest
Deserts and to my deepest jungles searching that thing to
Find has been to my ocean floors
And mountain tops always taking
What’s mine I’m sorry but man
Has run out of time for now I must
Shake him of like the flea that has become a rash I must wash Away those roads upon which he does dash this and thata way I must wipe him from the fields
And allow them to start again remove him from the oceans and hope they start again to produce life after they were poisoned with mans desire and greed Im sorry echoed in my heart as I headed home knowing our time had come to an end I smiled thinking maybe just one more time I might get to see my friend mother nature before my Time does end