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In remembrance

Should it be that in passing all that remains are memories of past and distant lives of how we were perceived to be who will hold you in their heart and photo album to see that physical presence of what the other did see….!

Pillows of despair

I’m lost in a world

Without feeling

As a land beneath

Distant seas

Found were my wants

And desires

My justifications

For being me

Alone in a bed of


With blankets and

Pillows of despair

Heard were heralds

And angels

Singers without a true


For the plight of one

That is lowly

In sight of all that

Has been

Lost in a dream like

Reality not conscious of

Where I have been

Washed up on the shores

Of desperation

In view of the mountains

Of love

Bewildered by bright sunlight

Hidden in the eyes of

A child


Touch me for this moment

Hold me for this moment

Let me listen to your heart


As it keeps pace with life

For this moment could be

A lifetime removed of

The rush to be somewhere


So I ask that you just

Touch me for this moment

Hold me for this moment

Let me listen to your heart


And share with me this

Moment in time without

Restrictions of the mind

Let me hold you now

For now is all that life

Has to offer and that

Has always been enough

I listened to the rain playing

Drums on my mop bucket

Out of time with the rain

Upon the roof

Aware of my lack of illusions

And my ability and time to

Consider the truth

I listened to the rain playing

With my intrusion in

Natures scheme of things

A bird in the doorway

Taking shelter

Watching me and my dog

I feel like a youth

Amazed at the simplicity of

It all

For the truth be known

I am nothing at all

I listen to the rain in wonder

I’m going to challenge the concept of institutional racism on the grounds that where an individual can be identified as having made a decision based upon racist stereo typing that that is not institutional but individual and thus they should be accountable for their actions I’m bringing the action against two judges two police force heads and three mps once registered at a British court I will make applications to european court on the grounds that the hearing will never get a fair trail in the uk bring it on fuckers…..!

Felt were the emotions
Of time as time ebbed
Away from me meaning
Not to return to see the
Damage done in your name

Felt were the emotions
Of the sea as it left the
Surface to see for it’s self
The damage caused to the
Earth visiting sky and earth
Before descending below as
If to withdraw it’s support
In it’s violent protest of what
Had been done in it’s time

Felt were the emotions
Of the land as the sky
Refused to do as planed
And return the rain for
It’s joy of support in the
Harvest of mans meaning

Felt were the emotions
Of man as once again
Without understanding
Or meaning of the greater
Plan he was cleaned from
The surface of the world

Felt were the emotions

Daybreak and once again
Greeted by the chorus of
Birds singing along without
Spoken word to the morns
Welcome of cold embrace
Cleaning and cleansing just
Incase the night does not
Come again
Distant memories of another
Place and time of lands of
Dreaming in which you were
Mine and things had gone
Another way and in that dream
I did live and stay a lifetime
Now forced back to reality
I find another path for me
And know my destiny is not
Mine for the choosing
Daybreak and once again
It’s back to reality

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