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The banning of religion regardless of faith is so well over due… those that are starving within the developing worlds are not waiting for god to save them but are stretching out their hands to humanity who in turn are brushing of the crumbs of the table and asking what else do you want….! with so many christians muslims hindu’s and so on and so on in the world all of whom proclaim humanity and love for one another as they bless the solders into war… take them out the back and shoot them all along with the politicians ….!

But heard nothing

I did close my

Eyes and did

Listen to what

The world had

To say

It was drowned

Out with the


And man going

About his way

Planes drowned

Out the singing

Of what the birds

Did say

Radios were so loud

That the bee’s

Had flown away

I did close my

Eyes and did listen

But heard nothing

Else today

Other than mans


And the price we

Have to pay

I have seen a light

In the darkness of

Human kind

This justifies my stance

And has brought

Clarity to mind

Those of you of this

Shadowy world do

Go and seek

Your own kind

For yours is a kinship

Not wanted

For I’m no longer


My body does fail


In this time of need

Mere reflection

Of my own past

And greed

No longer able

To sustain

Those things I say

I need

For my body has

Now come to its


And this I no longer


I feel this shadow

Upon me

And know my

Time is short

Reflections of memories

As if in dream

Unable to wake

Or rid myself

Of this darkest


Blocking out reality

Lost never again

To be seen

I feel this shadow

Upon me

I feel a death

Inside of me

Somehow so alone

Can not put pen

To paper

For my mind it does

So roam

Lost is that inclination

To touch another


Somehow somewhere

I’ve lost that will

To make love

A place called home

I feel a death

Inside of me

I know it’s time

To go

Disrespect is all you know

No other emotion

Are you able to


Lost are your feelings

For those that

Did help you


Yours are the issues

And have been


For many a year

Washed out in tears

Forgotten are those

Who carried you

And eased your


Lost are those times

Your hand was held

For your mind has

No order

If only the pain were

Washed away

With the falling of


But survivors do stand

For testimony of

A willingness to


For the loss of those

Unfortunate ones

To whom addictions over run

Left with empty arms

And memories

Of this past and things that were


Drowned out by further sorrow

As this is a daughter or son



Echo’s in the windows

Of our minds

We often find that


That we have recognition

With as it returns

To its place of


A whispered word


Known for its true


Returns fully formed

Bringing its own


And thus we hear the

Echo’s in the windows

Of our minds

Having found true meaning

And wisdom in the


Of self

Wisdom was looking

When I held you in

My arms your smile

Went to the depths

Of me moving

Mountains and changing


Something I thought would

Never be a change

Of opinion

For all the world to


When I held you in

My arms I knew

There was more to

Me than reactionary

Or defensibilities

For how else could

It be

That a child born of

Wisdom was looking

Back at me

Not everything written is

For the joy of imagination

Bringing forth its resources of

Pleasure and time to entwine

The mind in contemplation

And merriment of being


Thus negating the desire

To shine in those dark places

Devoid of any life less the dead

Start walking and seek revenge

Upon the living

Do you remember when

I have trouble to recall

The fall of 19 then

Wish it would be that

I too could see the

Attraction way back

When you see

But at a glance

I’m glad you see

For the chance

To make the further

My friend

No longer looking back

And recalling way back


Oh how time does

Repeat itself without


Slow paths walked

Where in fact

They are run in


Oh how time does

Repeat itself to

Capture you or



Knowing loss

Brings forth the

Man that could


For loss is mere

Distinction given

Form and meaning

In the light of

Day and

Requirement for


Rather than justification

As experience


How many times do

We see a blessing

And not know it

A waving flower

In an empty field

Waiting for you

To see all its beauty

Wanting to be just

For you or me

How many times

Do we see

In a dream like trance

Old familiar faces seen

In distant places


In a dream like trance

Meetings in passing

Started with passion

More than just mere


Seen as before lacking

No more

Old and recognised stance

Of defiance confronting


Do we again

Have to do this

Dance of equations

In railway stations

Leading only to the mind

Where all stops for a


Of our history

Played out are those

Old familiar faces seen

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