I know this is gonna piss off a few people but deal with it…! Had a phone call from the ex wife we dont chat so either it’s an emergency or she want something ;s this time she wanted to know why I never tried to take the kids of her.. I actually had to think about my answer and responded thus…. ‘I’m not that way inclined’… What I mean by that is you really have to be one badminded fucker to take a child away from someone that loves them…parent aunt uncle whatever..! I did it with my first born my justification being that he would be better off with me for his health and longevity but I never denied access or visits (I’m sure someone will correct my selective memory ;s) hatred is a thing that runs deep but I have never felt it run deeper than the love that I have for my boys dem and that has always made for an excellent modifier of those things that I would do or consider when vex or in the heat of the moment,.,!