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Dark places

Stillness of the night

While babes sleep in

Their cribs in silence

As the disguise of


Leave their place of

Resting to slither in

And out of the hearts

And minds of men

Creating doubt and


To be their consolation

From resting in those

Dark places

Where light fears

To tread

Stillness of the night

While more than hearts

Are broken in the void

Of communication that

Used to be free space

That’s an end to my experiment of short voice poems as recorded on my phone a test of using emotive words and phrases to try and capture feelings and emotions with words. It’s also a celebration of an end to restrictiveness to the physical world as in trying to bring the felt into reality. My pen is now put away and all that is left to do is type up and catch up on those poems and verses that I have written down but not typed up over the last year… a mere 60 to 80… I hear the groans of endurance ;D and thus I now seek new forms of expression and look forward with anticipation to what the future my bring ;D

Killed for the beauty

Of love

Sacrificed in all

Its innocence

Chased without mercy

Into the darkest

Corners of the mind

Hunted beyond


Trying to find



Killed for the

Beauty of love

Haunting dreams of


Bringing back emotions

Often fear

Distant lovers

From present

And past

Consider relationships

And how they

Did last

Distant memories of


Lost looking for


Blinded by all

That I could see

Stopped by


So often reflected

In me

Lost looking for


For that thing

That could never


Silence that companion

Of reality

Sometimes blinds

Those who can


Sometimes helpful

In opening


Silence that friend

So hard to


The world now seems

A quieter place

Now removed of

Hustle and haste

No longer heard

Reflections of dreams

Drowned out distance

Long lost screams

The world now seems

A quieter place

I watch as the light

Comes to an end

Like the disappearing



Into memory

As if a door

Is closing on my

Dream of

Reality and those

Things I have seen


I watch as the light

Comes to an end


To walk alone

In a world without


To explore the

Deserts of the


Seeking that other

Form of inspiration

New wilderness

There is to


Trickery deception

Done at a glance

Perceived misconceptions

Only to enhance

What is really

Been taken from you

Can not be seen

With open eyes


Trickery deception

If god has a plan

For man

It is not to bring him

To his knees in

Order for him to


But to wipe him

From the face of

The earth

For the detestable

Things he has allowed

To happen

What hope will there

Be when love

Has gone

A world left



Devoid of colour

A mere shadow of

What it was before

What hope will there

Be when love

Has gone

And birds no longer


Left to its own


This is mans



Hounded without mercy

Driven into the deserts

Of the world



In the hunt to kill

All that is innocent

And pure


With a vengeance

From deep within

The human mind

These are the

Roads that

True love

Finds itself


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