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In a dream like trance

Old familiar faces seen

In distant places


In a dream like trance

Meetings in passing

Started with passion

More than just mere


Seen as before lacking

No more

Old and recognised stance

Of defiance confronting


Do we again

Have to do this

Dance of equations

In railway stations

Leading only to the mind

Where all stops for a


Of our history

Played out are those

Old familiar faces seen

Hold me let me hear

The echo of dreams in

The changing history of


Let me imagine for a


That the sun does rise

As I recognise the

Beauty of you

Hold me let me feel

The warmth of your


Putting aside those


That do hasten an end

Of the beginning

Of what could have been

Hold me just once


Let me listen to your

Heart beat not knowing

If it is mine own

Swaying rhythmically

To the songs of love

And life as we partake

In its glory

Knowing that all things

Will come to an end

Hold me without


Or fear or what tomorrow

May bring for darkness

Has its own meaning

And justifies

What has been

Hold me till I sleep

Before you walk


People without shape

Or meaning

Seen in shadowy form

Floating in and around

Us as if life it is that

They mourn

To be part of unhappily

Drifting by

Reflections of who

They were born

If only they would

Try to see the sunrise

Or the beauty

At the waking of dawn

Or listen to the

Birds music

As the world sings

Along without scorn

Of love and tranquillity

People without shape

Or meaning

Where is the joy

In seeing another


Not able or willing

To catch them


Enticing them to


To heights with only

One conclusion being

That of an end

Where is the joy

In walking away

From one you used

To call friend

Scattered to the winds

Are the children of men

Pushed and pulled and

Pushed again

Past endurance

Long past friend

Scattered to the winds

A creak a groan a little

Moan does the house

Make as the sun rises

Above us

Warming all with its


To share the warmth

Of its love

A creak a groan a little

Moan does the earth

Make as slowly it stirs

To life

I listen to my mind

Skip to a different


Thoughts considered

Of where cultures

Do meet

With a clash of


For who can withstand

That passage of

Histories time

I listen to my mind

Implode with conclusions

Not in my lifetimes

If I held you tonight

Would that be enough

If I wrapped my arms

Around you and showed

To you only love

If I cleared my mind of

Misery and only had time

For you

Would you hold me so

Tenderly as I try

To do with you

If I held you in my

Heart tonight

Would that be enough

For you

Sing for me oh

Little bird

Resting in my


Sing for me oh

Little bird

As I would sing

For thee

Of morning glory

As the day does


Oh sing for me

Little bird

While I listen

To your heart


Come explain to me


For I am comfortable

You see

With that which is

Around me

And who I be

Tell me is this


Knowing that not

All is right

But very few things

Are worth the


Of dispersed energy

To me am I being


Or refusing to

See you

The world seems quiet

Today like the storm

Washed away confusion

No laughter or amusement

Where the children normally


All seems forsaken

And given over to the rain

Stained are the pathways

Flooded for a day

The world seems quiet

Reeling from the night

Before huddled shoulders

Not able to carry more

Than there burden thus

They shuffle on cold and

Weary feet seeking

Solace in blank faces

That they meet upon the

Greyness of the day

Come fly with me

Let me show you

In my dreams what

It is that I do see

Of our reality

Come fly with me

I’ll hold your hand

And take you to those

Places where man

Does not understand

The absence of time

Let me show you those

Places for which the

Mind can not plan

For many do not


Come fly with me

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