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Its not that I find disturbing those

Things that others do

It’s more the acts of avoidance

That are there between

Me and you

I look for answers

And none do I find

I think it’s time

For a different mind


I find myself confined to this reality

That really should not be


I seek other ways like mysticality but there is

something missing do you not see


Long gone are notions of originality

For it’s about confinement of the

Mind and the bringing together

Of those who are defined


By their wealth which buys other

Body parts now having longevity

With someone else’s heart


I know there is progress here somewhere

But it’s often hard to find


With children leading adult lives

And adults drunkenly blind

To the reality of the changing

Pace and times


I wonder in another ten years

Myself will I be able to find

Shadows falling in changing


Distant wonders now beheld

As crimes

Lost for eternity those

Forgotten smiles

Of what life used to be

War hatred and


Is now all that appears

Before me

Clouding my judgement

And clogging my mind


Nowhere do I find

Heavy hearted

I close my door

Mind and body can take

No more

Of this debauchery

That is now all

That I see before me

Left alone within mine


With enemies at the gate

I sleep a restless sleep

Woken suddenly am I late

Fearful dreams disturb

My night

Longing for that other to hold


And tell me all is ok

Shadows falling in changing


For the umpteenth time

I close my mind

And drift swiftly

Back to sleep

Darkness came swiftly

Swooping down upon

The unexpecting

And those awaiting

It’s arrival alike

It is here for a purpose

To cover up those


About to be done

To the ones

Calling themselves

The chosen

For they had done

The ultimate


In doing evil in the

Name of god

Darkness came seeking

Them alone

The riots opened up some wider private debates….

The amount of Europeans within the country

The fact that it is again a conservative government in power when things seem so bad

But lips are closed as to the repercussions of the police in the now heavy handed tactics of put them down hard fast and strong for they know there ineffectiveness is now public knowledge so now the mad bully is running around in gangs seeking revenge even when the victims themselves call for assistance. There will be another inquiry into the death of the recent young man which like the ones before it will amount to nothing. Like south Africa in the 70s 80s and 90s the list of dead black men is increasing in an society that continually looks the other way not wanting to get involved. My advice to any black person is don’t call them, we all got bad men in our families anything happen deal with it yourself or you may find yourself being the next dead statistic ;s 

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