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Mighty in the darkness

There are things that

Remain immortal in

Our minds

Conflict divinity and

Another way to


They are the forces that

Drive us on giving solace

And strength when all

Else has gone

Nations come and

Nations fall


Throughout remains

Nature strong and true

She picks those few

Whom her splendour


Places them in a time

And space that

She deems right

Just before she wipes

The slate clean

Removing from her

Soul all that has been

Cleansing her self of those

Parasites for we have


Mighty in the darkness

Of the nights










Making of things we know

I feel a heaviness of

My soul knowing that

My burdens are those

That were carried long

Before my birth for this

Battle is one of times own

Making of things we know

Not how







Is it not the truth

That we create our

Own damnation in our

Constant quest for perfection

For we lay down with

Our own temptations and

Bring about our own

Demise ;s





Society has a place and

Order for all things

There is an institutional

Use value for all things

And by things it is meant persons

You are a child teenager

Young adult reproductive unit

Person of maturity or one of

Dependency but always you

Have a use value in your endeavours

Or the endeavours of others

To cater for your needs

Even those who would regard

Themselves as being on the

Fringe have a purpose

The homeless, mentally ill

Or even the dying

All have support

And structures built around


There is no freedom

Or autonomy

For all is illusionary

The sick need treatment

And or medication

The dying need support

Or disposing off

Even in death there is no

Escape for to die one must

Pay ones dues for disposal

Or else it falls upon

Relatives or the state

We are reflective of the

Natural world

But we have put a

Price tag upon

All things

Even the air we

Now breath

In notions of air pollution

And the cost of its


Are you too happy

In your inheritance

Long live democracy

And the protestant

Work ethic

For we can all be

Millionaires now ;s






No shoes on my


No worries on my


Free and naked

Is how life I do


To best serve my


Not the blind leading





Unable to make a sound

Time like the seasons

All flowing into one

No longer distinctive

Like one has just begun

Don’t look for the falling

Of the autumn leafs for

This could be a summary

Bringing destruction and


No longer in winter does

Only the snow fall

For such things are of

Childhood or so we would


The weather like time

Seems to have broken

All the rules

For children grow quickly

Now and have guns

And drugs for tools

Where is that consistency

Upon which I used to depend

Lost with April showers

And the shrinking of the


For the time is approaching

And has left me far behind

In fear I do sit still

Unable to make a sound

In case such things are

In themselves a crime

To be found



Sometimes I hate the way

That you love me

Always pretending not

To be there

Sometimes I hate the way

That you show me

That deep down

You really do care

Sometimes I hate the way

That you hold me

Leaving me hollow and

Alone when you’re

Not there



Place called me

I smiled a deep and

Sensual smile

For you remind me

Of a love

Of mine

Now distant in memory

And time

But still with that


To warm those

Distant shores

Where once love

Did reside

Upon a hill overlooking

The sea and all

It did offer

I smiled a deep and

Sensual smile

As I gazed beyond

Your eyes

To that far and distant

Place called me




Release me release me

From this heavenly earth

Come set me free from

The desires and things

Of material worth let

Me walk among the dead

And see the coldness of

Their eyes

Let me listen to laments

Of regrets and sorrowful


I’ll take a seat on their

Council and pass judgement

On abilities of why they

Lived so wickedly and


Souls with continual lies

Release me release me

Please just let me die

A burning emptiness of despair

Shadowy illusions of things

No longer there

Lost in the corridors of

The mind

Over taken by concerns

And the passing of time

Glimpsed once again

In a dream

Forgotten while awake

Like images seen

In the distance on

A rainy day

Don’t remember but

There was something

To say

About the way

You looked as I walked

Away into a future

Not seen


Darkness once again

Winters greetings to

Darkness my old friend

Tamer of mans desires

And wills brought about

By the joyousness of summers

Brightness of night

Allowing the abstention

To leave us in the glow

Of light banished to the

Shadows of distant

Memories no longer

Able to show meaning

Without shadowy haze

Winters greetings as

Darkness once again

Falls upon mankind


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