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Before their time

What price victory

Deceit from the

Beginning the blind

Not able to see

Those things laid down

Before their time

Questions of conscience

Defined as crime

Roles for the taking

Of offers to be made

Souls for the making

Of life without shame

What price victory




In a distant memory

Am I the dreamer

Or the dream

What is there to

Tell me those

Things that I have


Are not just the

Imagination of


Waiting upon

Some other to discover

Those things I think

Have been

Are my expectations

Based upon pure

Speculations of how

Things have gone

In a distant memory



How close to madness

Is a dream

To change reality

And all that is seen

To enhance the slightest

Of sounds

To swallow the earth

And make the sky


For the gods to walk


How close to madness

Are we


In your defences

What is it that you

Could say

That you did not know

Or knowledge

Did not come your


That none would

Hold your hand

Or that on your own

You were afraid to

Stand for those

Things that are


That in the darkness

You allowed your

Light not to shine

And thus allowed

The chosen to fall

From that path

Of life


The sea has given

Up all it’s dead

The secrets of times

Gone by are no


For all things have

Come to pass

The earth has been

Shaken to reveal

Those things hidden

For a millennium

And spoken now

Are those words

That did last

Time has come to

An end


Floating in that space

Devoid of life

Unable to breath

As if crushed beneath

The depths of the


Life love and acceptance

Crushed to the point

Of non-existence

Forced out

Under the pressure

Of all things that

Have been before

Buried under the

Mountain of acknowledgement

And understanding

Lost for all times

Hidden from the eyes

Of all


The beach

That thirst that can

Not be quenched

That thing that can

Not be seen

That thought that can

Not be revealed

For ever lost in dream

That drop lost in the


That grain flung upon

The beach

That spark lost in the


Forever no longer to

Be seen

Such is my inclination

For things imagined

And have been




Should I lift up mine

Eyes to the heavens

What is it I would see

Would there be reflections

Of those things that

I have been

Would there be condemnation

For those things of my


Would there be written

Confirmation of those

Things I did to last

An eternity

Or would there be judgement

Condemning me

Should I lift up mine

Eyes to the heavens

Do tell me what I would



Stripping my humanity

Do you see my


Chipping away at


Stripping my humanity

And all you want

Me to be

Leaving only humility

And my desire to

Be free

Running from my


In order not to


All that I am in my


Screaming inside you

Of me

Do you see my







You lie with every

Breath that you take

With every beat of

Your heart

You deceive with

Every movement of

Tissue with every

Molecule apart

Before even your

Eyes they are open

You conceive of treachery

And deceit

Before your limbs

They are woken and

The ground introduced

To your feet

You lie to greet the

Morn and whisper

Contempt for the day

For this reason you

Are living for you know

No other way but

To lie





Do you not see

My shadow beneath


Supporting your every


Do you not feel the

Breeze of my


Entering you

As you breathe deeply

In your slumber

At night

Bringing you both

Joy and happiness

To every aspect

Of your being

Do you not feel

My arms about


As you rest tenderly

In their embrace

For I am with you

When you think you

Are alone

For I am with you

Always for your

Heart is now

My own




Save me from the

Indiscretion of my


Do hold my hand

As you wipe away

The tears falling

From my heart

For I have seen the

Future and where it

Does depart from

The hearts and minds

Of men

Save me from myself

So that I may once

Again look upon

The stars and see the

Wonder of it all



In dreams of life

Come float with me

Upon the wings of


Let our hearts mingle

And what was your

Become mine

Let us reach for the

Stars as they steadily

Gaze upon us

Let us share this

Wonder with those

Caught up in a time

Of illusions lost

In dreams of life

Let us show the true

Direction of what it is

To be divine




Let my feet walk

Along the pathways

Of righteousness

Let my mind wonder

The corridors of


Let my soul be free

To sail the seas

Of imagination

Let my physicality

Be overwhelmed

With the wonders

Of love

Let me be free

To choose those things

That I would call me



Will you not hold

My hand in this


And lead me to a

Different time and


Will you not shield me

From this storm

And remain with me

In case

I do awaken and finding

You not there

Loose my inclination

To consider and surely

Care for those beneath

Me for my soul would

Be truly lost

Without your inspiration



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