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Trees of inheritance

In awe of the rain forests


Do you not hear the

Deafening silence as

The world does die

From mistaken greed

Overtaking the need

To feel at one with

The earth

Do you not hear the

Dying cries of natures


As beneath the feet of

Man it does die a

Thousand times a day

Just one more tree

Be taken away from

The future no longer


Turn a blind eye to such

Suffering do we

For many have died

And will not be no

More amongst the living

Lost for all time

Like those other crimes

Of cutting down our

Trees of inheritance





Hidden in the depths

Of my reality was I

Lost in dreams of

Days gone by in distant

Minds creation of a world

Without contention

Of the realities of time

Hidden in the depths

Of the soul of my own

Making of a time and place

To be exposed in distant

Wonder of a reflection

Not known to be

The now




Be still my beating heart

For do you not know

That the body died some

Time ago but the minds

Refusal to let go of this


Be still my beating heart

For time has come and


And no longer do we

Reside with the land

Of the living for

Long ago did we depart

From its company

Be still my beating heart

For our time has come

And gone once more

The end of days

Has reached us now

Lost forever

But not noticed


Is the imagination

Of a child

Removed devoid

Of inspiration

Everything seems

Wild and acceptable

In this lost and fallen


For humanity

Has lost all sensibility

And no longer will


The perfection of

The will

To bring about a peace

For all seems bent on

Profit and bringing one

To ones knees

In contemplation

Of those things allowed

To be done

All has been forsaken

In the name of having


Run as I try to leave

Behind all that I have


Shadows they do follow

Me revealing

Where what I have seen

In darkness they do

Hide and in daylight

They do flourish

To bring constant reminders

Of the desire to

Be punished for those

Crimes of the heart

To have restless nights

Keeping souls apart

From a reality confined

To dreams that none

Do see

Until the dawn of day

When swiftly swept

Away is the imagination

Of time

Sit still sit still

While I rip out

Your beating heart

For I desire to know

From where it stems

Those feelings that

You do show

Sit still sit still

While I chase away

Your dreams

For I have an inclination

That those really

Are not screams

Of you dying

As you leave this

World behind

Sit still sit still

I say while I

Carry out this crime

Upon humanity

Denying everything

That you could be

Sit still sit still

And die slowly

Once more

Silly of me to think

Of thee

In terms of eternal


Deceived was I to

Pass on by those

Things that I could not


For whence did I come

To this position

To be stranded

With pure opposition

To my very being

Silly of me to think

That I could change

All that has been

When dreams they do

Come a crashing down

A thunder they do bring

No longer a reality or

Birds in morning sing

Lost long ago was that

Internal glow which

Imagination did carry

Lost in darkness now

And forever

The idea of dreams

To marry a reality

No more


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