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Storms eye

What price would there

Be upon my love

For thee in this

Space where could

Be imagination

For things to come

Why is it that my

Soul is held hostage

To what has begun

To be formed in the

Imagination of the

Minds deepest dreams

What cost is there

To pay for one’s

Desires of the heart

And passion of being

Captive to another

For an eternity

Cast aside to drift

In a sea of unwelcoming

Storms of contempt

And misery

Despised by all that see

The floating carcass

Of what could have


Lost in the blink of a

Storms eye

Bringing nothing more than

Destruction to those

Ships passing by your

Harbour of deceit and

Captivity what price

There be for a life

Without me



What desires burn within

The soul

To keep one the same

And make another


To glimpse those things

That others do not


To acquire the difference

That knowledge to

Be free

What desires burn within


It is quiet amongst

The screams and anguish

Of despair

Of those with lost love


Look for others to

Share their plight

That is so near

And yet to come

For have they not

Made choices for

What was already


Their own decline

And damnation by

The works of mouths

And hands

Can no longer in


Be denied

Now that all is said

And done

For judgment has been

Passed and you have been

Found to be wanting

Within your souls

For the death of the



1…2…3… ;s


Attack me in the darkness

Of the night

Aim for those things that

Do bring me delight

Cut down the growth

Of those things yet

To come

Chase those dreamers

To see them pack up

And run

Attack me in the darkness

While those shadows

Hold no fear

Distract me with those

Issues which are both

Far and near

To my soul

For no other way could

There be to prevent

Me from being whole

And steadfast

In these testing times

Continue with such distractions

For Jehovah is on

My mind

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