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No chance of freedom

Will you not walk

With me and let

Me guide you in

The darkness yet

To come

Will you not let

Me show you

Those paths that

Lead to nowhere

And I used to run

For such is your

Destiny confusion

And misery is

Waiting for you

For the things

That you have been

For those times

When you were blinded

To see your own


No chance of freedom

Or a reprieve for

The harms that

You have done

Are now laid before








Do you not fear

Those things done

In the night

No reason or

Chance of making

Them right

No explanation

For your demise

Or your plight

For thus are the

Ways of those

Who are right in

The eyes of the

Eternal beings

Who conspire to

Take all that they

Need no consideration

Do they require

For closing of lives

And removal of

Entire families

For none are immune to

The things that they be

For all are mere actions

And words and from

This it is determined our


Tell me what you did

Today but consider

That they could be

The last that you say

In justification of your





Should passion be the

Root of mans decline

For all things desired

And all things defined

In the heart and in

The mind’s eye

Would we sacrifice

Meaning and not ask


For the easement of

The soul

For justification of

Making one whole

Until they do rise


And from there ashes

A new area unfold to

Change the hearts and

Minds for are not

Our passions those

Things so hard to define

That lead us all astray

Lasting a lifetime

Or maybe a day

Until we change our



The other that challenge

To all I see

The other is what is

Restricting those

Things we can do


The other the one

Which it is all about

Our education, politicisation

Manipulation of the population

For the other is embedded with


For all that has possibly gone


For all the weaknesses

That bring down the


The other that

One that always

Dose wrong

I see the other

As me


Come tell me of your


And those things you

Did in sorrow

Of distant voices

And shadows

Of which guilt

Did borrow there


And distort those

Things you did


Of changed directions

And choices you did

Make upon the finding

Of those things now

Lost in dreams

Come tell me of your


And those things

No longer seen

In the distance

But lost amongst

The light

Now swallowed in


Forever making night



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