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In dreams of life

Come float with me

Upon the wings of


Let our hearts mingle

And what was your

Become mine

Let us reach for the

Stars as they steadily

Gaze upon us

Let us share this

Wonder with those

Caught up in a time

Of illusions lost

In dreams of life

Let us show the true

Direction of what it is

To be divine




Let my feet walk

Along the pathways

Of righteousness

Let my mind wonder

The corridors of


Let my soul be free

To sail the seas

Of imagination

Let my physicality

Be overwhelmed

With the wonders

Of love

Let me be free

To choose those things

That I would call me



Will you not hold

My hand in this


And lead me to a

Different time and


Will you not shield me

From this storm

And remain with me

In case

I do awaken and finding

You not there

Loose my inclination

To consider and surely

Care for those beneath

Me for my soul would

Be truly lost

Without your inspiration



Come and be my

Inspiration let me

Walk amongst the

Starts and bring

Consideration to what

Was mine and is now


Let me fly beneath the

Clouds and glide between

Mountains seeking

Out those hidden treasures

For which destiny has

Marked as ours

Come and be my all


Are we really so

Similar and predictable

That sitcoms can

Entertain and that

Sameness do fill

With stories of love

And betrayal

Of loyalty and children

Who noisily

Detail those things

That could have been

Had we seen them

For sure upon the

Screen of life’s interchanging

Moods of passions

And crisis’s and changing

Vibes of who we

Appear to be

Without seclusions or

Reflection to see

Those mistakes made

In haste while trying

So desperate to keep

Pace with changing

Concepts of time of

What is yours and what

Is mine in confusions

And pure disbelief

For surely that must

Be some form of relief

For the pressures of wanting

To conform

To no longer be different

But part of the norm

Of this dying reality

For sure now all men

Are sociably

Heading to a distant place

Where none are free

And democracy dictates

As to what we could

Possibly be

For now is the time

When notions are free

To explore this new

Inner space of political

Freedom granted in haste

To the changing concepts

Of time for no longer

Will events be constricted

Or denied as all has

The ability to reach

The cyber and thus be free







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