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Splintered dreams

Cracked is that mirror of


Revealed in a thousand

Shattered pieces

Those dreams of a false


Bent on the deception

Of the eyes

No longer hidden in confusion

Felt in the pain of

Splintered dreams

That place that will

Be no more

For gone is the deception

Of all things to come





That fear that creeps

Into the mind when

All seems to be going

Just right

That niggling feeling

That something is just

Not right at this moment

Lost in time

Squinting in the

Glare of reality



Are tears that final line

Before madness

That point of no return

Where storms do brew

And mountains shake

For those things to be

Made anew

Once again in the destruction

Of the storms passing

We shed a tear

And release once more

Those times gone and now

Called ever lasting


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