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Its no wonder that it has taken so long for this to be settled. Ok so they have  been found guilty but while they have lived and enjoyed their lives they ended one some time ago with no repercussions. What they did and what they stand for is a reflection of the racist undertones of this country. The history of this case will show you that the police did everything in their power not to prosecute these individuals. Mistakes my ass along with institutional racism…! Institutions don’t make decisions its those same bigots that still have their jobs and lives while that of the Lawrence family have been destroyed and their suffering been dragged out for nearly two decades….! Nothing has changed and this is not justice….!

Perhaps it’s the season
As everyones at home
Nothing left of the turkey
Just grease an bone
Gone is the brandy whisky
And gin all that remains
Is bloated and sinful thoughts
Of what could have been
If only I’d got the presents
Of my dreams but instead
I sit here bemused wearing
My new Xmas jumper and
Slippers that look like shoes
Ahh well theres next year for
Wishful delights until then I’ll
Set here and turn off the light
As the shadows are making me

As I walk from room to room with
With no purpose or meaning trying
To contain my own expectations
Of what could have been long ago
And thus I seek with
An urgency expecting to see what could not be I meet myself at the
Doorway of my own reality that I
Am not alone
And so begins the long journey home

Had I not seen it with mine own eyes
I would have prodded to find your motivational kind of disposition in such critical times of deceptionism
But now that I have seen such things
I step back a pace and consider the
Condition of my mind
I would have said you were blind in all things

And the former things will
Pass away
Will you miss what I have
Grown to be confused with
All my surety of not knowing
What was true
And what’s left behind who
Will say enough is enough
As I do I do

Wrapped up in those comforting arms
Against the coldest of winter nights
Not willing or able to resist or fight
Loves true nature blind is sight
Unable or willing to resist those charms of purification

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