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Tears in their eyes

It’s cold out mar do I
Have to go
I’d rather stay home
For those people do
Show both their faces
And it dose scare me
To see those traces of
Tears in their eyes
Can I not stay here and
Sleep in your bed and
Keep those wicked things
From getting in my head
It’s cold out mar I’d rather
Curl up and stay here
With you instead

Would you mind if I held
You for just a short while
The way a farther holds
A child for the fist and last
Time unconditionally allowing
Things to be all they could
Be to dream of a lifetime of
Imaginary joy
Would you mind if I held
You and you held me

A red rose for my garden

Sweet smelling beauty

Fresh from my heart

Sharing the sunshine

Of which we are part

A red rose for my garden

Attracting the bee’s

To come and see me

And that space that

Is made for a pardon

To compensate for that

Longing to be free and

Spend my time in the fields

Of life looking and searching

For that other way to be

A red rose for my garden

Merely a representation

Of that I see with my minds

Hidden eye

Beauty in all under this sky

A red rose for my garden

Looks so alone now so

Sad am I for that

Red rose in my garden

Sorry for the things I did
Not say
For the times I passed
You and looked away
Not wanting you to see
The vulnerability in my
Sorry for those times I
Was deaf and ignored
The cries of your heart
For I was unable to listen
To that sound as it tore
Apart every part of me
Sorry that I could not
Be what you saw in me
But now death has taken
Me I see those mistakes
And experiences that
Helped to make me love

Did I tell you that I missed
You the other day
My eyes searched earnestly
Hoping to see you pass
My way
Heavy was my journey
As I walked alone looking
Over my shoulder when
I did roam this land of
Seeking what I do not know
But you were not on that
Path where you usually go
And so I went on my way
Missing inspiration and the
Chance to say hi
Did I tell you that I missed
You the other day

It’s only those without
Husbands or wives
Devoid of meaning
And no love in their
Eyes that you’ll find
In church on Sunday
Is it any surprise that
God has lost true meaning
In mans demise of the ages
I hold my heart and mind
Open to those of you who
Have not spoken to the
Devils minions and taken
His side in the things to
Come for from you sorry
Ones I truly must run away
For if I stand my ground
Harsh words you would
Say to the breaking of my
Come walk with me a while
Let me show you the freedom
Yet to come where tears fall
Freely from everyone with
Heart and room to take part
In the healing of our minds

Just a little further into
The corner of my mind
Do take that seat it’s safer
I think you’ll find
Your lucky you got this
Far as there are bodies
All over the place of those
Who strayed of the path
And were blasted back
To hell
Sit there a while and contemplate
Why it is you have come
I may be back in an hour
Or two to consider what was
Done to my imagination while
You were breaking in and whether
Or not to let you live to speak
Of where you’ve been

Look at me a newbe in
All things but getting that
Feeling there are messages
I bring of condemnation
And loosing sight of not
Holding fast to wrong or
Right of being indecisive
Once they turn off the light
Of not knowing
Look at me the newbe not
Wanting to play this game
For the rules have changed
Far to much that nothing
Remains the same

Are you in there
Then come on out
Don’t be shy I whont
Scream and shout
Tell me how is it you
Found the cracks in
My armer and how
Did you get in without
My noticing
Helllllloooo I know your
In there so let’s not play
This pretend thing for
Life is to short and so
Much more fun living
You had better come out
Now or you might get
Sealed in
Hello I knew you were
In there here hold my
Hand and tell me how
You have been

Goodbye my friend you’ve met
Your demise no longer are heard
You concerns or cries for your
Time is done and no tears do
My eyes shed for your parting
For you it’s over but for others
This pain is just starting
Goodbye my friend how I envy
Your peace at last and thank
You for the shadow that such
A life cut short has cast upon
Us the living having to deal
With what’s left oh I wish I
Could be forgiving

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