Questions and answers remain
The same
What is there to loose and what
To gain
From that thing they call religion

Should there be one then there
Is the other devil and angle sister and brother

Choice now is what to discover
In ones search for that thing
Called the truth

Why would a god request of you
That you succumb to this ruler
Of youth and promote gods own
Demise for does it not state that
This system has no surprise now
That it belongs to the devil

Should that be the case then explain
To me why all the rush in order
To be materialist in all we can
See and do the devils bedding

Surly should that be the case should
We not be unwilling to take part in haste
In all the world has to offer and
Thus not raise one shilling to offer or bring
About the spiritual drought

Stay out of the world but give unto

Avoid babylon but try to please her by giving her respect and not to tease her
With rebellion in mind

I must admit I’m somewhat confused for
The contradictions that are for ever used
To keep us in one place

Thus I say unto thee open your eyes in order to see how things must now come to an end and religion that long lost friend should be laid to rest forever